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WUKA Perform™ collection features active fabrics and construction, so you can free flow and stay active, helping you exercise during your period. Our sport period underwear has perfect absorbency for your flow (from light to heavy), choose from sizes XXS to 6XL. WUKA's sport period underwear collection is here to help you feel confident when you need it most.

Ruby Raut - CEO and Co-Founder of WUKA explains what make our period pants so special
How our period pants work - the secret of layers

New to period pants? We've helped over half a million women and girls to ditch disposable menstrual products and reclaim their confidence in their monthly cycle. Say goodbye to leaks, odours, and those monthly "oh no!" moments. Don't believe me? See what our customers have to say - the proof is in the pants!


These have changed my life! My Wuka knickers last me all day or night with no leaks whatsoever, they are amazing!


Game changer! Who would have thought I'd actually start looking forward to my heavier flow days?!

Suzanne Oag

No drama! I just wanted to thank you for making a 12-year-old's first period a completely no-drama experience.


Lifesaver! I'm so happy with these - they definitely passed the leak-proof test! Thank you WUKA!


Super Absorbent, super comfortable and somehow sexy! I even wear them when I'm not on my period!

Evie Annis

Goodness me! Thank you and keep doing amazing things! I just want to say thank you! You've changed my daughters life!


Always used pads and tampons but I'm NEVER going back. They're so easy to use and clean!

Kira Wolfe

The UK's #1 Period Pants

Completely replacing pads and tampons. Designed for all stages and flows.










We're all different, match your flow below for the perfect pair of pants.

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