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Mooncup x WUKA Reusable Period Pads & Liners

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      Mooncup® x WUKA® reusable pads and liners can be used in tandem with a menstrual cup
      Save money and switch to mooncup® x WUKA® reusable pads and liners
      1 Mooncup® x WUKA® reusable pad or liner stops 100 tampons from going to landfill
      Mooncup® x WUKA® reusable pads and liners are Vegan approved - better for you, better for the planet
      Mooncup® and WUKA® have united against waste
      We've taken the offcuts of our organic cotton period pads and created reusable period pants and liners
      1 Mooncup® x WUKA® reusable period pad or liner can last over 2 years. No nasty chemicals near your body or in our rivers and oceans. Great for trying a reusable product for the first time, and for extra back-up if you're a cup user. Available in light through to heavy flow. Coolmax™ technology.
      zero leaks or odours
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      Available in medium and heavy flow the Mooncup x WUKA Reusable Period Pad holds from 15ml (medium) up to 20ml+ (heavy) of period blood. Super soft and absorbent, it's great for a backup when you don't have any WUKA Period Pants on you. The Mooncup x WUKA Reusable Period Liner is also great on your spotting or light-flow days - holds up to 10ml of period blood.

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      Mooncup x WUKA video demonstrating the absorbency of the gusset

      FAQS - Mooncup x WUKA Pad

      They can be reused for up to 2 years, saving you money in the long-run, too. For the first 40 days after you receive an order we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on your first pair of WUKA pads.

      Reusable Period Pads are a great plastic-free alternative for eco-friendly periods. Complete with poppers and wings, simply fasten them to your underwear for period protection throughout the day.
      We suggest soaking or rinsing your reusable pads before washing, to remove stains and blood, and reduce any musty smells (which is common with period blood).
      WUKA’s Reusable Period Pads are made from offcuts of our premium cotton period pants, making them kind to the planet.
      This is totally up to you. Period pants are a complete replacement for pads and tampons. If you want extra protection or have heavier nights, you can pair pads with period pants. We recommend using reusable pads, rather than single-use pads, which is better for your body and the planet.
      Period pants and reusable pads eliminate the need to use single-use period products, which is a plus for both. However, as they have an in-built absorbent gusset, you don’t need to add any products to period pants. They are an all-in-one period product.
      Most reusable period products can be washed with your regular washing, including reusable menstrual pads. Once used, we recommend soaking or rinsing them first to remove excess stains and blood, and then hand washing or machine washing at 30 degrees. No fabric conditioner is needed. Then, air dry and reuse again and again.
      The simple answer is no! WUKA has been committed since day one to not use any harmful chemicals in the production of our products. All of the materials that we use are planet friendly, animal friendly and contain no added chemicals, such as silver or antibacterial treatments, stain-resistant or Perfluoroalkyl and Polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAs or PFSAs). All WUKA are independently tested by Highstreet Textile Testing Services Ltd (HTTS) who guarantee there is zero trace of PFA's in our products.
      "Known as “forever chemicals”, PFA's are found in non-stick pans, fast food packaging, firefighting foams, and more. PFAs are called forever chemicals because their chemistry keeps them from degrading in normal environmental conditions. Some period brands use PFA's as part of their anti-stain features. The danger of PFAs is greater if ingested. Some brands have been found to use these chemicals in the production of period underwear —in the “moisture wicking” layer—bringing PFA's in direct contact with the vagina which causes major concern about the health impact these might have. Because we don’t know the possible impact that these chemicals might have, WUKA stands firm in its commitment to not include any level of traceable PFAs is our products. Because period pants (and regular pants!) are worn in a very sensitive area, it’s important they are made from natural materials that are kind to skin. A reminder of what WUKA products are made of: WUKA Ultimate Midi Brief, Ultimate Boxer Shorts, Bralette, Everyday Midi Brief and Bikini, and Ultimate High Waist are made from Tencel. WUKA Ultimate Bikini Brief and Ultimate Lace Period Pants are made from GOTS organic cotton (Global Organic Textile Standard). This is guaranteed to be 95% Cotton and 5% elastane. Our Perform range is made from recycled nylon. The Basics range is made from BCI certified cotton! The newest repurpose range is composed of Repurposed fabric (recycled nylon) and a cotton gusset! New Seamless Flex Stretch period pants are made from super-soft Tencel, a super soft and elasticated material that offers you maximum comfort and leak-free coverage."