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How To Study During Your Period

how to study during your period

Exam season is here once more, and you guessed it- so’s your period! Don’t worry, you’re not alone. And you will get through it. We’re sharing some top tips on how to study during your period- from managing your flow to dealing with cramps. Read on to find out more.

Just as you’re prepping for your finals, now’s the time to prep for your period too. If you track your cycle, you’ll probably have a really good idea of when your period is due. But remember, exam stress can affect your period- having an irregular cycle during time of stress is quite common, but speak to your doctor if this persists or if you’re concerned.

If you do have an idea of when your period is due, try to plan your studying around it if you can. Knowing the phases of your cycle can be helpful, so here’s a quick reminder:

  • Menstruation- this phase starts on day one of your period. You might experience cramps, bloating, headaches and brain fog. If you can, plan less intense study sessions, and take regular breaks.
  • Follicular- this phase starts on day one of your cycle and lasts up to ovulation. Around a week into this phase the cramps should ease and you should feel more energetic as bleeding slows and oestrogen levels start to rise again.
  • Ovulation- this phase is usually around 14 days after the start of your cycle, and it’s a time where oestrogen levels are at their peak. For many, energy levels are also high, so this could be a great time to plan in some more intense study sessions.
  • Luteal- as oestrogen drops and the body prepares for another period, energy levels can drop too. You night experience PMS symptoms such as fatigue, low mood and trouble sleeping. Be kind to yourself during this phase- take regular breaks, plan in shorter study sessions and try to mix it up with some gentle exercise such as walking, yoga or swimming.

Period pants are an ideal option if you’re facing an exam during your period. They’re worn just like normal pants, they’re super comfy and they’re easy to use too. 

And believe us when we tell you: new WUKA Stretch™️ period pants for Super Heavy Flow are your new study buddy. 


The Stretch™️ technology means that they stretch gently up to four sizes in one pair- great for anyone between sizes, and amazing for those days where period bloating has your clothes feeling tight. Nobody needs to deal with waistband drama when focus is needed elsewhere!

Super absorbent

Designed with a four layered gusset, rather than three, Stretch™️ period pants for Super Heavy Flow can absorb up to 60ml period blood and can be worn for up to 24 hours without leaking. Great for longer exams, or just that added peace of mind knowing that your pants have got your back!

Fast drying

And don’t worry about feeling wet, either. We use CoolMax™️ technology so they’re not only super absorbent, but they’re fast drying too, and- of course- moisture-wicking to keep you cool, calm and collected. 

WUKA Stretch™️ for Super Heavy Flow are available for both teens and adults: for teens we have size 1 (age -12) and size 2 (age 12-16) and for adult we have high waist and midi brief pants in size 1 (Xs-L), size 2 (L- 3XL) and size 3 (3XL- 6XL). hot water bottle for period cramp relief during exams

Period cramps are never fun, usually occurring during the first one or two days of your period when your flow is at its heaviest. However, we’re all different and many of us experience cramps at varying degrees of intensity and at different times during our cycles. And let's not forget that conditions such as Endometriosis, Adenomyosis and PCOS can make cramps even worse. The bottom line? Period pain relief is a must.

If you’re able to take some paracetamol before your exam, do so- and make sure you take plenty of water to stay hydrated too. Other options for pain relief include a hot water bottle (our wearable hot water bottle is a great option as it can be tied around the waist and placed under clothes discreetly), cramp relief devices such as Myoovi, or cramp relief creams. You may need to check ahead with a teacher about bringing hot water bottles or other devices into the exam hall with you.

Exercising during your period

Exercise is a great way to relieve stress and discomfort from period pains during exam season. It might not feel like the best idea when you’re curled up in a ball with a really heavy flow, but it really can help.

When we exercise, we release endorphins, which are the body’s natural pain killers. We also start to produce dopamine, the feel good hormones that help to lift the mood. This in turn can help to boost concentration levels, and taking regular breaks is always beneficial to emotional wellbeing when you’re studying.

Gentle exercise such as walking and swimming can also help reduce bloating and cramps, plus there are some yoga positions that specifically target menstrual cramps too.excercising on your period

We recommend: WUKA period leggings for medium flow, plus WUKA period-proof swimwear to get you in the water and moving. 

Eating mindfully during your period

When we’re stressed, we tend to reach for comfort foods such as chocolate or crisps. There’s a reason why we crave these foods during our period too. And while we’re not here to tell you to banish so-called ‘junk foods’ (they’re comfort foods for a reason, and when stress levels are high or PMS symptoms are intense, we all deserve a little comfort!), we are here to remind you how important it is to balance it all out.

Eat the chocolate (even better if it’s dark!), but eat the fruit and veg too. Maintaining a balance between the foods that make you happy and the foods you know make your body happy is key to maintaining your A-game when it really matters.

There are certain foods that can actually help with PMS symptoms too, as well as foods that can make them worse. You know your body and how certain foods make you feel, so during exam season put a little more thought into what makes it on to your plate. Limit processed foods and meals that are high in sugar or salt, cut down on fizzy drinks and stay hydrated with lots of water. And incase it needs repeating- eat the chocolate!


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Is it harder to study on your period?

It can be difficult to focus on studying when you're suffering with cramps or worrying about leaking on your period. Being prepared ahead of time can help with staying on top of pain and ensuring you have sufficient period products to cope with your flow. Tracking your  cycle can also help to plan study sessions. 

Do periods affect exam performance?

Your cycle is unique to you, and nobody else will experience their period in the same way. Take steps to make sure you're as comfortable as possible during your exam. For example you can speak to a teacher about bringing a hot water bottle ins with you if you're suffering with cramps.

How do I manage my period during exams?

Stay on top of pain relief and make sure your period products are sufficient to see you thought your exam. WUKA Stretch™️ for Super Heavy Flow are a great option as they can be worn for ip to 24 hours without leaking, and thanks to Stretch™️ technology they guaranteed a perfect fit even if you're bloated. Peace of mind to focus on your paper, not your period!