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4 Signs Your Period Is Coming

There are many signs and symptoms that can tell you that your period is approaching. Some people track their cycle, others rely on discharge changes and spotting. Even though period signs can vary from person to person, when you look at the symptoms as a whole you may be able to predict when your period will come and be better prepared.

Does the skin change with your period?

Acne is a common sign at this time of the month and it’s all because of hormones. Period breakouts even has a special name and are referred to as cyclical acne. The rise of hormones increase sebum production which can clog your pores and cause spots to come out. Next time you are thinking that your period is around the corner, look in the mirror for any signs or skin changes, especially around your chin and jawline.

Is breast pain a sign of a period?

Breasts can become both sore and heavy. They may continue to feel tender or swollen after ovulation and stop a day or two after day one of your period. Due to the natural chemicals called prostaglandins that cause contractions you may also feel back and thigh pain the day before your period. Our wearable hot water bottle can help ease these premenstrual symptoms and relieve any uncomfortable or painful sensations.

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Is anxiety and mood swings a sign of a period?

The days before your period you may feel more irritable than usual. Anger and frustration are also commonly experienced and you may feel more prone to crying and becoming upset about matters that you usually wouldn’t. It’s important to give yourself some extra space and self-care during those days. Being aware of how you’re feeling and checking in with yourself daily, can help you better monitor your mood changes so that you know when your period is approaching.

Does your discharge change before your period?

The white discharge you may see before your period is called leukorrhea and is filled with fluid and cells that are being shed from your vagina. The white discharge can sometimes look slightly yellow and changes into a glue-like look and feel before your period.

The day before your period, it is also common to have no discharge at all. It’s a good idea to pay attention to your discharge as it can tell you a lot about what is going on in your body and your cycle.

If you are worried about your period coming, wear our WUKA Light period pants which are not only great for the end of your period but also can help you feel protected on the day that your period may arrive. Our handmade washbag is perfect to carry up to two pairs of pants.

Tracking your cycle and predicting your period

If you’re one of the lucky ones who have a regular menstrual cycle, you can usually predict when your period is coming by simply counting the days from your last period. You can also use a phone app that will do this for you and will even send you notifications the day before your period is due.

For those whose cycle has a tendency to be a little irregular, carrying a spare pair of WUKA pants in your bag the week that your period is due is a great idea. No matter the day or the hour, all you have to do is change your regular underwear into your period pants and then carry on with your day.

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