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Period Sex on Valentine's Day?

Another year, another Valentine’s Day has arrived. A topic of conversation that comes up frequently around this time of year is whether or not you're on your period on the day.

Conversations around sex during your period may still be seen as taboo, but it’s definitely a topic that’s spoken about between friends, relationships and google searches around this time of year. We ran a national survey across the UK to see what women thought about period sex. 

Whether you do or don’t, it’s entirely up to you. Read more here about period sex. But in the meantime, let’s get down to our findings!

We do just want to point out as well - everything is personal preference. Whether you do or don’t like or engage in period sex, it’s all entirely up to you.


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Did you know? 


Nearly half of women, 42%, confessed they have been shamed for suggesting period sex! 

47% of women have also been shamed for starting their period during sex. We can’t help it sometimes, but it’s also a natural part of the body and menstrual cycle. 

More than a fifth of women, 22%, say they’ve been labelled ‘gross’ when talking about or having sex whilst on their period. This is something we believe should be discussed between partners. It’s the same as discussing what you are and are not comfortable with during intercourse. 

A mere 7% of women have been called beautiful for just speaking about, or having sex on their period.

We know what it’s like to be on your period, and to feel bloated or not your best self sometimes. The hormones just kick in, don’t they? 54% of women noted that they felt bloated, with 48% saying they felt irritable and 43% feel unattractive. 

Only 6% feel happy and desirable during their period. 

These statistics show that the conversation of period sex can be tough - it’s not everybody’s cup of tea, but it’s definiely something to talk about and openly discuss between partners, friends, and anyone who is happy to have that discussion with you. 

We also found that Gen Z (18-24 year olds) have the most period sex out of any other age group. 51% of them masturbate during their period, which has been said to help relieve period cramps! 



We also found out how men feel about period sex.


67% of men have never performed oral sex on a woman while she’s menstruating. And 42% associate women with being moody whilst they’re on their period - which, is sometimes true, but not all the time - sometimes we’re just quiet because of our cramps! 21% believe women are angry and 19% think women are horny at that time. 

Did you know? 

33% of men believe women orgasm easier on their period and 40% think there’s a higher chance of getting pregnant if they have sex on their period. One in five men believe period sex is unsafe too.

 A commonly asked question for some couples during Valentine’s Day if you are going to have period sex is: Will I get pregnant?

The answer is: Although it’s not very likely, it’s statistically possible. It is equally possible for a woman to get pregnant any other time in her cycle. Ovulation happens within a few days after the period is over, and sperm can fertilize an egg for 3 days. We always recommend wearing contraception if you are not planning for a pregnancy. Visit NHS for more information. 

The statistic we loved the most was: 53% now openly talk about periods with partners and female friends. 

It’s a conversation to be had, we think! The period is a natural part of the human body, and is there for a long time. It should definitely be a safe and intimate discussion, one that both parties feel comfortable and can openly express their desires.