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Period Care Package Ideas

Period Care Package

Let’s be honest, when your period comes along it can make you feel pretty rubbish - hello period pain! Having a period care package can make periods much easier. Period care packages are a thoughtful gift to give for Christmas, a birthday or just because! If you have a girlfriend/partner that menstruates this gift will definitely be greatly appreciated! Whether it's a period package for your girlfriend/partner, bestie or yourself use the ideas below to make the perfect kit. If the period care package is for someone early on in their period journey, you could include a First Period Starter Kit.

What To Include In A Period Care Package:

1. A pain reliever 

WUKA Wearable Hot Water Bottle

To put it simply, period cramps suck! Heat is a great tool to ease period pain. Periods can cause pain not just in the tummy but also in the back and thighs. Applying a hot water bottle or microwavable hottie can soothe pain. We recommend a wearable hot water bottle as you can tie it to different areas of your body -  efficiently targeting the painful area and allowing the wearer to walk around! The WUKA Wearable Hot Water Bottle has a MegaCozy Fleece cover and a pocket ideal for your hands, phone or telly remote (periods definitely call for a movie marathon!). Including a pain reliever like a WUKA Wearable Hot Water Bottle is an essential for a period care package!

 2. Leak-Proof, Comfy Period Protection

WUKA Stretch Period Pants

It wouldn’t be a period care box without period protection! The main types of period products are disposable tampons and pads, the menstrual cup, reusable pads and period pants. One of the main problems with disposable tampons and pads is that they are awful for the environment and they are not leakproof. Despite being much more sustainable than disposables, the menstrual cup can be invasive.

Due to the sustainability, comfort, ease and high protection that they offer, the best form of period product is period pants. Period pants have an absorbent gusset that absorbs menstrual blood and all they require the user to do is wear, wash and reuse! Every pair of WUKA period pants replaces 200 disposables going to a landfill! Also, period pants are beautifully simple as you just put them on like your everyday pants except they’re leakproof! A bonus is that in the long run they are cheaper than disposable period products. Learn more about the benefits of period pants here.

What period pants should go in the period care package? 


At WUKA, we have many different styles, sizes and flow options, allowing you to customise the period pants to the person receiving the gift. Don’t know what size to get? Well, WUKA even offers the world's first multi-size period pants. Yes, you heard that right. WUKA Stretch, fits up to four whole sizes and comfortably moulds to the wearer's body shape. Another option is WUKA Flex, which has handy adjustable straps that allows the wearer to change the size of the pants to up to four sizes difference with ease. WUKA Stretch and Flex sizing is easy, choose either, Size one (XS-L) or Size two (XL- 4XL). This means you can rest assured knowing that even the period pants that you purchase will be the perfect fit! 

3. Yummy Snacks

Period Cravings can make you want to eat more than usual. It's a good idea to have some delicious snacks on hand. Include some favourite snacks of the person receiving the period package. It's an added bonus if it's a food that helps with period symptoms. For instance, dark chocolate is fabulous at reducing inflammation and relaxing your muscles but also it tastes really good. Learn more about foods that are good for periods here.

WUKA Bralette

4. Herbal tea

Warm drinks are great at relaxing your body and mind -  they can cause your blood vessels to expand, helping blood circulation which can make you feel more relaxed. Also, it is believed that in particular chamomile, peppermint, ginger and green tea reduce nasty period cramps. Herbal teas are often caffeine free, making them a great period go-to, as highly caffeinated drinks can increase PMS symptoms. Drinking water is always important, teas are a great way to increase your water intake, but you also could include a cute reusable water bottle in your care package. That way, water can be on hand at all times. Include herbal teas in your period care package to bring the ultimate cosy, relaxation vibes. 

4. Pamper Items

What to drink during your period

Speaking of relaxation, including some pamper items in your box will help to make your/their period a more pleasant experience. Try your best to tailor the period care package to the person that will be receiving it. Here are some ideas for possible pamper items:

  • Cosy socks or slippers. Warm feet = happy feet.
  • Something smelly (in a good way!) like candles, wax melts and incense.
  • A skincare item like a facemask. 
  • Hand lotion - great for a soothing hand massage! 
  • Bath products such as a bath bomb, salts or bubble bath. If you/they don't have a bath, opt for a shower bomb or maybe a refreshing body scrub.

Having items that encourage self-care and relaxation is a great way to increase comfort in a time that can be uncomfortable. 

5. A Mood lifting activity 

Buy Period Power By Maisie Hill

Period pain never makes anyone happy and PMS can cause your mood to be lower. A mood lifting activity that can distract from any period pain, is a key ingredient for a happier period. Self-care is important at any time but it is especially crucial when your mood is lower. Here are some items that will encourage some self-care: 

  • A colouring book and some coloured pencils. Colouring in isn't just for young kids. Colouring in can be a great way to relax for teenagers and adults. 
  • A book. We love Period Power by Maisie Hill. If the period care package is for a teen, some great books to include are the Girls Guide to Growing Up Great by Sophie Elkan and The Autism-Friendly Guide to Periods by Robin Steward. 
  • A gift card. Hello retail therapy from the comfort of your sofa. Include a WUKA gift card for some ethical, eco- friendly online shopping.
  • A video game/console voucher. If you are creating a package for a gamer, this will be a much appreciated addition! 
  • Exercise period wear. Exercising is a great way to reduce period cramps and get endorphins flowing AKA the happy hormones. Having some exercise period wear, such as comfortable, squat proof leggings, a swimsuit or shorts that all absorb menstrual blood makes doing period workouts much simpler! 
  • A notebook. This could make the popular mindful hobby of journalling more accessible. 

Bonus Item: A positive note. Write a kind message to the person receiving the care package to bring a smile to their face. Even if you are making a care package for yourself, don’t skip out on this one!


Period care packages make awesome gifts whether you are making it for others or yourself. You can't go wrong if you include a hot water bottle, period pants, snacks, tea, pamper items and fun activities! 





What is a period care package?

A period care package is a collection of items that help to make it easier for those on their period.

What's the best period care package?

You can buy period care packages but it's good to do it yourself as you can tailor it to the person receiving the care package. 

What to put in a period care package? 

It is good to include period products, like period pants and items that will ease period cramps such as a hot water bottle. As well as this, it is nice to include items that bring comfort and are mood boosting. Read the article above to get ideas.

How to take care of yourself on period?

When you are on your period it is especially important to look after yourself. Rest when you need to and look after your physical and mental health.  Learn more about looking after your mental wellbeing here.

How to take care of your wife or girlfriend during her period?

If your wife/girlfriend/partner menstruates it's important to provide them with extra support whilst they are on their period. You can do this by listening to them and their needs. You also can show your love by creating a period care package.