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How to Remove Blood From Bedsheets

how to remove blood from bedsheets

It is possible to wash blood stains from your bedding. Read on to find out how to remove blood from bedsheets, even when the stains are dried on.

What causes bedtime leaks?

We’ve probably all been there. It’s day one of your period, the flow is heavy and the night is restless as you struggle with hot flushes, bloating and period cramps… Most of us will have resorted to laying a towel down on top of the bedsheets to keep them protected from stains, right? 

But it doesn't have to be that way! If you know what's causing you to leak at night, you can take steps to stop it happening ever again. So what causes bedtime leaks during your period?

Menopause night flooding

One of the most annoying perimenopause symptoms can be night flooding- very heavy bleeding, which just seems to come on suddenly at nighttime. And because periods can be so erratic during this period of our lives, we might not always know when bleeding is going to start either. 

If you’re going through symptoms of perimenopause, you might have already experienced this one- and if so, you’re going to want to read on to find out the best way to deal with those blood stains!

Insufficient period protection

Sometimes a pad just isn’t enough. Some people will even double up, but really all you need to do is invest in a good pair of period pants instead! 

The WUKA overnight collection was made with sweet dreams in mind, so that you can lie back and relax, safe in the knowledge that you’re definitely not going to wake up to stained sheets, no matter where you are in your cycle.

Our overnight period pants feature a highly absorbent gusset which is made up of many layers. The blood is drawn into the middle layer, where it gets locked in, away from your body. So there are no smells, or leaks, and no nasty surprises. The gusset goes all the way round to the back too, so you’re protected even when lying down.

Irregular periods

Sometimes your cycle can have a blip, and you might find your period comes on suddenly a day early, catching you unawares and leaving you with a laundry issues. Or you might regularly experience irregular periods, and despite this you still get caught out each month.

How to remove blood from bedsheets

Either way, irregular periods can lead to leaks, if you’re not prepared. Try tracking your cycle for a few months to see if there’s a pattern, and if not make an appointment to see your doctor to discuss ways that you can regulate your cycle. 

How to wash fresh blood out of your bed sheets

At the end of the day, leaks happen to the best of us. But even if your sheets do get stained, there’s still no need to panic. It really is possible to remove blood stains from bedsheets!

There are two golden rules to follow- and these are non-negotiable. Firstly, make sure you deal with the stain as soon as it happens, or as soon after as you can. Secondly, rinse the stain as quickly as you can, but make sure it’s COLD water. This will help to lift the proteins from the stain, whereas hot water will set the stain, therefore making it harder- perhaps even impossible- to remove.

While you rinse, gently work at the stain with a soft cloth, in a lifting motion. This will help to remove the stain without damaging the fabric of your sheets.

Once you’ve rinsed the stain, wash your bedding on a cool wash as soon as you can. It should come out clean and fresh, ready to dry and use again. If the stain persists, you’ll need to follow the steps below, to remove old blood. 

How to wash old blood out of your bed sheets

Sometimes one wash isn’t enough, or you don’t get to the stain quickly enough. If this is the case, follow these steps to get rid of your dried on stain:

Rinse the sheets in COLD water and work at the stain with a soft cloth or brush, using a lifting motion. Then if you have time, soak the bedsheets for as long as you can, no less than one hour- again in COLD water. Finally, treat the stain. You can use:

  • Baking powder- mix with water to form a paste, then leave to soak on to the stain for around an hour. Then use a soft cloth or brush to gently work the mixture into the stain, before rinsing again, then washing as normal.
  • Fresh lemon juice. This is a quicker solution- just squeeze the juice directly on to the stain, leave for five minutes then rinse and wash as normal. 
  • White vinegar- you can either use the vinegar neat, or mix it with a small amount of detergent. Work it into the stain, then rinse and wash as normal.

Repeat the above steps as many times as you need to, until the blood stains are gone.

Choosing the right detergents for your laundry 

How to remove blood from bedsheets

Here at WUKA we believe in choosing products that are not only good for us, but good for the planet too. Plus, your bedsheets spend a lot of time being up close and personal with your body, so you want to choose a detergent that is gentle and that won’t irritate your skin. Our favourite eco-friendly detergents include:

  • Smol- clever little laundry capsules that you can get delivered to your door.
  • Ecover- this fab brand has an amazing laundry range, we highly recommend!
  • Splosh- re-fillable laundry products, with a great stain remover.
  • Bower Collective- another brand offering a refill option, and a gorgeous lavender fragrance too, for a restful night’s sleep.

Use period pants to absorb your flow

If you know your period is on the way, or you're right in the middle of your flow, don’t let leaks disturb your sleep. Use period pants to absorb your flow, and make blood stains one less thing to worry about.

Shop our Overnight Collection here: choose from Ultimate Midi Brief Heavy Overnight, Ultimate High Waist Super Heavy Flow, or Ultimate Boxer Shorts, plus others. 

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Can period blood be washed out?

How to remove blood from bedsheets

Yes, period blood can be washed out easily, as long as you deal with the stain quickly. Rinse with COLD water as soon as you can, and wash on a cool cycle. 

How do you remove dried blood stains?

Dried blood stains will need a little more work,  but they can be removed. Soak the sheets in cold water for as long as possible, then use a stain remover to treat the stain before washing as normal on a cool cycle. You can use a natural remedy such as lemon juice or white vinegar, or you can use a stain remover.

What is the best blood stain remover for sheets?

Go for a stain remover that is as gentle as possible, and do a little research to make sure the brand is eco friendly too. We’ve listed our favourite in this post; Smol, Ecover, Splosh and Bower Collective.