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Best Postpartum Pants | WUKA Postpartum Pants

WUKA Postpartum Pants

How do you go about finding the best postpartum pants? Find out how WUKA period pants can support you during postpartum bleeding, and shop period pants today.

Why do you need postpartum underwear?

When it comes to choosing underwear after giving birth, comfort and security has to be top of the priority list. The changes that you experience in your body after baby is born are extensive, and postpartum bleeding isn’t like a normal period at all. For most women, it’s a lot heavier and it lasts a lot longer too. Having appropriate underwear for this time is vital- it needs to be right, so that you can focus on the most important job of all: taking care of your brand new baby. 

Period pants are perfect for post-birth recovery, but they’re also great for during labour too. They’ll absorb all fluids from your vagina with ease, even when your waters have broken and you're dashing to the hospital!

Post-birth recovery

The recovery process post-birth can look different for us all. Some vaginal births may require stitches following cuts or tears to the vagina or perineum. These stitches usually dissolve but can be sore at first, so you’ll need pants that are comfy enough to cope with the recovery period. 

Some women also experience a loss of bladder control for a brief period post-birth (this is why it’s so important to exercise your pelvic floor regularly!) and some will suffer with piles too. 

And if you have a caesarean section, you’ll need to wear pants that don’t dig in to your wound, and that provide support to your tummy. It’s likely to be swollen and sore for some time after birth. 

All of this being said, a good pair of postpartum pants can be crucial for comfort, especially in the early days post-birth.

Postpartum bleeding

Postpartum bleeding, lochia, occurs whether you’ve had a vaginal birth or a cesarean section. Much like your period, it’s a mix of blood, vaginal fluids, mucus and tissue from the uterus lining.

The bleeding can be quite heavy at first, and will last for up to six weeks. During this time, it’s not advisable to use tampons due to the risk of infection, so you need underwear that will not only be comfortable and supportive, but that can keep you leak-free too. 

Disposable postpartum pants are designed to used alongside maternity pads, that are worn inside the knickers. The idea is that you bleed into the disposable pad and any leaks are caught by the disposable pants, and then the whole lot can be thrown into the bin. And sent to landfill… oh dear.

Of course another, much more eco-friendly option, is period pants for postpartum bleeding. Not only will this option save you money (you can re-use the pants again and again for your normal period too) but it’s a lot easier to bleed into them without needing to double up or mess with fiddly packets each time you go to the loo. That’s going to leave you a lot more time to enjoy precious snuggles with your baby too!

What is normal postpartum bleeding?

Normal postpartum bleeding is heavy at first, with the flow gradually easing as the weeks pass. The first two weeks are usually heaviest, and you may pass some small clots in the first 24-48 hours too. If you’re breastfeeding, you might notice that your flow increases afterwards, and likewise if you take part in physical activity. It’s a good idea to rest as much as you can. 

After around 4-6 weeks, bleeding will start to ease off, and you might not have a regular period again for a couple of months, more if you’re breastfeeding. 

What is abnormal postpartum bleeding?

Postpartum bleeding can be inconvenient and annoying, but you shouldn’t really experience much pain or excessive bleeding. If you notice a sudden increase in blood loss, along with dizziness or a high temperature, call your doctor straight away for advice. 

Choosing the right postpartum pants

So how do you choose the right postpartum pants for you? There are a few factors you need to keep in mind; luckily here at WUKA we have you covered!


Your tummy will be swollen for some time post-birth, and thanks to physical changes during pregnancy there’s a really good chance you’ll need a bigger size then normal. This is especially important if you’ve had a caesarean section, as the last thing you want is to wear pants that are going to dig into your scar. So go for a size up, at least.


There’s nothing worse than wearing pants that are digging in, or riding down because the style is just all wrong. And post-birth, ill-fitting pants are a complete no-no— particularly if you’ve had a caesarean section.

The best style to go for is high waisted. Our WUKA Super Heavy High Waist period pants are just perfect for postpartum bleeding. They sit right above the bellybutton so they’re not touching your scar, and they’re supporting rather than squeezing the tummy. They also have an extra thick super absorbent gusset that goes right around to the back, so they’re guaranteed to be leak-free, even when lying down. 


If you’re going to bleed into your pants, you need to make sure they’re up to the task. WUKA Super Heavy period pants can hold up to 12 tampons, or 8 pads, worth of blood, making them perfect for postpartum bleeding even in the early, very heavy days. 

As the bleeding starts to subside, our Heavy flow are just as capable of absorbing your flow and keeping you dry and fresh.


Post-birth, your hormones are going to take a while to settle down. One of the more delightful side effects of this is sweating, particularly at night. And if you’re breastfeeding, you may as well assume that this sweating is going to be part and parcel of life for a while. 

So a good pair of postpartum pants need to be breathable and moisture wicking. It just makes sense! Luckily, we use breathable materials in our period pants, and this goes for the gusset too. This is made up of several layers that not only lock moisture in and away from the body, but that allow air to circulate freely too. This keeps you fresh and dry, and it means that infections and odours are kept at bay too. 


Just as your postpartum pants need to be breathable and moisture wicking, they need to be stretchy too. Your body has undergone some huge physical changes during pregnancy, and post-birth there are more changes to come. 

So choose pants that have plenty of stretch in them, to support your tummy and to cover your scar comfortably. WUKA Stretch Seamless High Waist Heavy Flow are perfect for postpartum bleeding after the first couple of weeks of heavy bleeding. And because they’re multi-sized, they’ll be great to use once the swelling has gone down too. 

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How long do you wear postpartum pants for?

If you wear WUKA period pants as your postpartum pants, you can wear them for the whole time that you bleed post-birth, and you then you can re-use them again each month when your period returns. 

Period pants can be worn for up to 8 hours but you’ll probably find that you need to change them more often post-birth. You know your flow best, so change them when you need to.

WUKA period pants can be washed and re-used for up to two years if cared for properly, making them a sound investment that will take you through from post-birth with ease and comfort. 

What size postpartum pants do I need?

We recommend choosing at least one size up from your normal size, for comfort and to accommodate any post-birth swelling. 

Can you wear period pants after birth?

Yes! Period pants are made with a super absorbent gusset made up of multiple layers that are designed to absorb period blood. Post birth, your blood flow will be heavier at first, so we recommend the Super Heavy flow pants for leak-free confidence. The middles layers of the asset will lock the blood away from the body so you stay fresh, and it goes all the way round to the back, so they can be worn for sleep too. 

How many postpartum pants do I need?

Because we recommend changing your period pants regularly, and because your flow will be heavy for the first couple of weeks post-birth, you may need around 5 pairs at first. The thing is though, regular chores may be slightly disrupted once the baby arrives, so if you know laundry is going to be bottom of your list for a while, then grab a couple of extra pairs just in case. You know you’ll use them again once your period returns, so it’s always a good investment.