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Six Reasons Why You Need WUKA Period Leggings

reasons why you need period leggings

WUKA's sustainable period leggings allow you to continuing doing activities that you love, stress and leak free. Need more reasons why you need period leggings:

About the WUKA Perform Range

WUKA Perform is revolutionary way more than your average active wear collection. Featuring active fabrics and construction, each piece in the collection allows you to flow freely, stay active and keep up with your fitness goals- wherever you are in your cycle. Your period should NOT hold you back, and that’s why we designed the range.

The collection consists of the Perform Seamless Period Pants in Midi Brief, available for light, medium or heavy flow; WUKA Period Shorts in medium flow; WUKA Period Swim Bikini Briefs in light flow & Period Swimsuit in light/ medium flow and, of course, the WUKA Period Leggings in medium flow.

Each piece can be reused for up to two years and comes in size range XXS to 6XL. 

How do period leggings work?

Our Period Leggings are crafted from recycled polyester and are made with our Perform Seamless period pants stitched into them. 

They literally feel like a second skin, they’re buttery-soft, squat proof, leak-proof and supportive. When it comes to absorbing your period flow, we’ve got you. Our leggings offer full coverage at the back, without being bulky, and with a super absorbent gusset. And because the period pants are stitched right in there, you just bleed straight into them, with no need for any other protection.

They’re designed to absorb a range of fluids, great for anyone who bleeds, from new mums to anyone going through menopause and anyone with a weak pelvic floor too. Our period leggings are guaranteed to keep you sweat and leak free. Sweet!

How to care for WUKA period leggings

WUKA period leggings do require a little TLC to keep them fresh and ready to use again next time. You can machine wash them with similar, dark coloured items cold wash only please, and no fabric conditioner.

Once washed, air dry your leggings outside on the line, or indoors on an airer. No tumble dryers. 

Why period leggings are essential

We’re all about waking up and kicking ass, and breaking down taboos that surround period topics. We made these period leggings to remind you that you CAN do anything. And what’s more, you’re going to inspire so many people around you too, just for being yourself. 

Whether its staying active on your period and pushing yourself to really go out there and smash it, or being mindful and lounging at home, trying out a new yoga flow and knowing when you need to rest. You’re putting yourself first. And that’s a real WUKA warrior attitude.

Here are six more reasons why you NEED a pair of period leggings right now…

They’re for everyday wear

Athleisure wear is big news right now, but uncomfy and bulky pants definitely are not! WUKA period leggings are the perfect solution to that VPL problem, and they’re not just for the gym. Wear them everyday, wherever you are and whatever you’re doing- working from home, walking the dog, smashing a new PR at the gym… with seamless period technology there to absorb your flow, you can do it all in complete confidence. 

They’re 100% leak-proof

Because they’re made with a pair of WUKA Perform seamless period pants stitched right into them, our period leggings are 100% leak-proof.

They have a super absorbent gusset made from multiple layers that are designed to absorb your flow and lock it in away from the body. These layers are breathable, so air circulates and keeps sweat and other fluids away from your body. And the lightweight fabric of the leggings themselves are breathable too, so you can go commando in them- and bleed freely!

They’re 100% squat-proof

There’s nothing worse than putting a pair of leggings on for the gym and realising they’re not in the least bit squat proof. Talk about embarrassing! Yet another reason why WUKA period leggings are your new best friend. You need never worry about flashing your pants at the gym again- and our seamless period technology is completely VPL-proof too. Win win!

They help you stay active on your period

WUKA perform period leggings help you stay active


The stats around women and girls in sports aren’t great when it comes to periods, A 2019 report states that 25% of the girls they surveyed opted to simply skip the gym while they were on their period, and this report states that almost 8 in 10 girls who enjoy sport have admitted to avoiding it completely while on their period. Not good. 

We make our period leggings because we NEVER want anything to hold you back from doing the things you love, or achieving the the goals you set yourself. With period leggings, life becomes more efficient and stress-free, and there’s no reason to let your period ruin your workout. Just pop them on, bleed into them- and go smash your goals!

They’re sustainable

Looking good and feeling good doesn’t need to cost the earth. You can look stylish at the same time as being sustainable and period friendly- and that’s another reason why you need WUKA period leggings! 

Just like our period pants, each pair of period leggings will save up to 200 disposable tampons from polluting our oceans or ending up in landfill. Amazing!

They’re comfortable and convenient

The #1 pet peeve when it comes to leggings is the fit. Some leggings slide down, while others feel like you've constantly got a wedgie. Not with these. These are buttery-soft, so smooth and are almost a second skin. Plus they absorb your period flow too.

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Is it good to wear period leggings?

Yes! WUKA period leggings are a complete tampon and pad replacements, fitting perfectly to your body without the need for any other period protection. This means you can stay active and comfortable no matter where you are in your cycle. 

Should you wear leggings on your period?

It’s perfectly fine to wear leggings on your period. WUKA period leggings have a pair of seamless period pants stitched right in there to absorb your flow too, so it just makes sense! They’re breathable too, with a breathable gusset so even if you sweat, the air will circulate freely and moisture is locked away from your vagina to keep infections and smells at bay