5 Facts About Period Sex


“Stir the paint”

“Riding the crimson tide”

“Parting the red sea”

“Cutting the jam”

But let’s just call it what it is. Period sex.

It’s quite the taboo topic. So we, of course, had to look it in the eye and open up a conversation about it. And unfortunately, the stigma of being unclean whilst being on your period is one of the reasons for putting most people off period sex. And when we looked into why that’s such a deciding factor, we found that many magazines commented that it all seemed to revolve around making sure that men didn’t feel uncomfortable, or *gasp*, get blood on them. 

So let’s get into it. 

It’s just blood

It really is. And we’ve come a long way from looking at periods in a negative, dirty light. So why is it the moment we include intercourse with a natural bodily function that we all gasp and consider it something entirely different other than bodily fluid. Of course, by no means does that not mean that individuals who decide to engage in period sex should consider that blood can carry infections and unprotected sex can lead to STIs. 


It’s your choice 

It’s purely down to the individuals involved. It’s all personal preference. There isn’t a right or wrong. It’s for some, and it’s not for others. Most women have said that it helps them feel closer to their partner. Intimacy is key! 


It’s said to help relieve menstrual cramps 

What a way to take your mind off the everlasting pains when you’re on your period! Let’s not forget that sex releases loads of endorphins. We love a natural pain relief remedy. It’s also been said that when you orgasm, the muscles of your reproductive walls contract and then you relax. Ahhh… zen at last. 


It has been said to shorten the length of your period 

Though we can’t prove this, it is a common belief. What are your experiences, if you have period sex? We’d love to know!

Can I still get pregnant if I have period sex? 

Yes. Ovulation can overlap with menstruation, and sperm can live for up to 3 to 5 days too. If you’re on contraception, continue to take it as directed. And to be safe, protection against STIs should always be considered. We read that your cervix is more open during your period, which leads you to potentially contract an STI more if you’re having unprotected sex.

We read that the timing of when you have period sex plays a factor too. If you have sex towards the end of your period, sperm can hang around for a few days and if you ovulate early then pregnancy is possible. 


You might like it.

You never know until you try. Arousal differs between individuals. And it’s about finding what you enjoy, what you and your partner prefer and how you get in the mood for sex. 



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