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WUKA's Top Period Hacks



For most of us, we don't look forward to our period. We get that. There's many things that we all don't want to experience, like cravings, mood swings, cramps, fatigue or even just a change in routine. So we've compiled some of our best period hacks to help you feel your best during your period! 


Feeling bloated? 

One main cause of this is water retention! And what actually helps this is drinking more water. We know, sounds contradicting - but it does help. It's because your body is retaining more sodium, so staying hydrated is super important. 

A WUKA top tip for this is to try wearing our High Waist - it's a favourite from our WUKA wearers when they're feeling that period bloat. Made from Tencel™ which is 3 times softer than cotton, it hugs all the right places and saves you from feeling like your trousers are pushing against the bloat! 



Got the cramps? 

These are the worst. Oof, we understand the pain. It's enough to make you want to take the day off sometimes! Instead of reaching for paracetamol, we suggest tying our wearable fluffy Hot Water Bottle round your abdomen for some support. It's been said that a heat compress really helps with cramps, so give it a go. 


WUKA Hot water bottle


Mood Swings? 

This is one that we can help explain! Your hormones dip during your period - oestrogen and progesterone decrease which results in your mood swings as your hormone levels drop. Often, towards the end of your period, your hormones begin to balance out again which is why you feel better towards the end of your cycle. 

We suggest picking up Maisie Hill's 'Period Power' so you have your hands on the blueprint to hacking your hormone cycle and getting your period to work with you! 

But overall, we hope you take it easy on yourself. It's okay if you're feeling under the weather. Read our blogpost on some top tips to deal with PMS here