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WUKA's First Taboo-Busting BillBoard Campaign

WUKA Wedding Star Cast

 WUKA is celebrating South Asian Heritage Month with our first ever Taboo-Busting Digital Billboard campaign across London

"The WUKA Wedding” campaign is now live across Westfield and Lewisham Shopping Centres London in partnership with JCDecaux UK from August 14th. 


Set against the backdrop of a colourful Indian wedding, the campaign features five influential South Asian women as they navigate different phases of their menstrual cycle - from first periods to menopause. Just like periods, each woman carries a sari differently and every sari tells a story about the individual who embodies it. The “leak-proof aunties”, “period powerful beti (young girl)” and “drip-free dadi (granny)”, are captured celebrating - leak-free, confident and comfy in their WUKA’s- under their bright and colourful wedding outfits.


Ruby and one of our billboards

Inspired by WUKA founder Ruby Raut’s own #DesiPeriodStory growing up in Nepal where she was banished for bleeding and given her mother’s old sari rags to use as period pads, the campaign aims to encourage more conversations around menstruation so that periods, like sari’s, are nothing to be ashamed of. 


Ruby Raut, CEO & Founder of WUKA said “Thousands of women and girls over the years- from Pakistani, Indian, Nepali, Bangladeshi and many other South Asian backgrounds that live here in the UK- have shared their experiences of period shame, stigma and the social exclusion that comes with it.” 


With nearly half (45%) of South Asian women agreeing the menopause is a taboo subject that’s rarely discussed and just 14%* feeling reasonably well-informed about its physical effects, WUKA believes this campaign has the potential to create significant inter-generational impact whilst also encouraging more consumers to make the switch to a reusable product that has a huge positive environmental impact too. 


WUKA billboard campaign


Priya Chandé, WUKA Global Brand Director, says ”3 million South Asians live in the UK and 1 in 5 Londoners are of South Asian heritage, many of whom are concentrated in areas of East & West London. By encouraging people to share their #DesiPeriodStories, we hope to reframe negative connotations traditionally associated with periods, foster more inclusivity and  improve health outcomes for South Asian women” 

Thanh Catachanas, Head of Collaboration & Acquisition and Lead on Reach at JCDecaux said “WUKA's entry captivated our judging panel. Its compelling, ambitious creative concept leverages the capabilities of DOOH advertising to uplift and amplify underrepresented voices. 'The WUKA Wedding' stood out for its powerful imagery, positive and joyous portrayal of South Asian wo in men. We are excited to showcase this campaign in London- a city renowned for cultural diversity - via Out-of-Home in Westfield London, Westfield Stratford City and in Landsec’s Lewisham Shopping Centre, perfectly positioned to reach its intended audience."  

Produced entirely by a South Asian female team, the campaign features a roster of Influential South Asian talent including Sexual Wellness Educator Seema Anand,, Menopause Advocate Lavina Mehta MBE, and Disability Activist Shani Dhanda, sharing their own #DesiPeriodStories.  The campaign runs from 14th  August 2023.

Source:  GenM Online Survey May 2022 asking 2025 women about their knowledge perception and experience of the menopause


Ruby Raut, CEO & Co-Founder of WUKA as “Period Pride Bride” 

Manisha Morgan, Menopause Nutritionist as “Leak-Proof Auntie”

Lavina Mehta MBE, Personal trainer, wellness coach & Menopause Advocate as “Leak-Proof Auntie”

Shani Dhanda, Inclusion + Accessibility Activist as “Free Flow Bhabhi”

Seema Anand, Sexual Health Influencer & Author as “Drip-Free Dadi”

Styling: Dina Kashap - UK Based Couture Designer

Accessories: Anisha Parmar London- Uk Based Jewellery Designer 

Graphic Design: Kohenoor Kamal Bengali-British Illustrator