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WUKA x The Hygiene Bank

WUKA x The Hygiene Bank

Since WUKA began back in 2017, our belief has always been that everyone deserves access to clean and safe period products and toiletries. This is why teaming up with The Hygiene Bank means so much to us, and why we’re delighted to share a little more about what we’re doing to help tackle hygiene poverty.

What is hygiene poverty?

The recent Hygiene Poverty report makes for a sobering read. In the last 12 months, 4.2 million adults in the UK have been affected by hygiene poverty. Many have been unable to afford even basic toiletries, such as toilet roll (24%) and are having to choose between paying for food or bills and basic hygiene products. 

More specifically, 18% of UK adults say they have been not been able to afford period products in the last 12 months, with 65% of parents admitting they’ve had to choose between whether they buy products for themselves, or their children. 

Hygiene poverty is, put simply, being unable to afford basic hygiene products- and the impact is huge.

How are people affected by hygiene poverty?

WUKA X The Hygiene Bank

According to The Hygiene Bank’s 2024 report, a staggering 68% say hygiene poverty is negatively impacting on their mental health, with 60% saying they feel depressed and embarrassed about their situation. Almost half say they’re too embarrassed to seek help, even from family members.  

More people are skipping out on the dentist, resulting in poor oral health and missed work and school (19% of parents say kids have missed school due to dental issues). We’re seeing a rise in skin rashes and fungal infections, and some have had to completely stop buying items such as razors and deodorants. 

All of this has a knock on effect, with more of us now experiencing poor health, and having to make stressful decisions about what we spend our money on. 13% are now out-right avoiding work, 9% say they’ve avoided job interviews, and 22% say their child’s performance at school is being affected. 

This is why the work that The Hygiene Bank does is so essential.

So, who are The Hygiene Bank?

The Hygiene Bank are a grassroots charity and social movement, who believe that feeling clean should NOT be a luxury. And as a growing number of adults in the UK simply cannot afford to buy the toiletries they need, the charity work to provide access to products for those affected by hygiene poverty. 

The Hygiene Bank believes that everyone deserves to be able to participate in society, and to not be held back by shame or embarrassment. And we agree, which is why we’re excited to tell you more about our pledge.

Why we’re partnering with The Hygiene Bank

In the years since we brought the very first pair of reusable period pants to the UK,

WUKA x The Hygiene Bank

we’ve seen some amazing changes take place. We axed the period pants tax! This was an absolutely fantastic move in the right direction, as we’ve been able to drop the prices on our pants, making them accessible to more people across the UK. And we’ve been able to extend our best selling Stretch™ collection too, with even more inclusive pants- for the first period right the way through the last, and beyond. 

We’ve smashed so many taboos with groundbreaking campaigns such as our TV ad, our Desi Wedding Stories and our WUKA Sucks tube ads. But despite all of this, the current cost of living crisis means that hygiene poverty- and period poverty- is still very much an issue for many, and there is still so much more work to be done. 

So, we’ve pledged to donate. For every order placed between 24th May and 31st May 2024, we’ll donate reusable period products to The Hygiene Bank.

This is for the 18% who cannot afford period products, The 65% of parents who are having to choose between whether they have hygiene products for themselves, or for their children. For the missed days at work or school, the lost opportunities and the shame of simply being unable to afford even basic toiletries.

One pair of WUKA period pants can make a huge difference- lasting up to two years, helping reduce menstrual waste, and lessening the load for that 18% who just cannot afford to buy even the cheapest of period products. 

If you’d like to donate too, please head over to their website for more information on how to do so.