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WUKA is introducing a brand new collection: Repurpose.

WUKA Repurpose Collection


[ ree-pur-puhs ] verb
Excess fabric diverted from landfill and
fast fashion supply chains turned into
carbon reducing, super period undies.


WUKA Repurpose Collection

Why did we create a new collection called 'Repurpose'?

Did you know every year, a staggering 10,000 items of fast fashion pieces get sent to landfill every five minutes?*

We love encouraging you all to make sustainable swaps, and WUKA period pants embody the belief that periods should not cost the planet. We’re all about protecting our planet and people, by providing you with the perfect alternative to plastic disposable period products that are both comfortable, inclusive and reliable. 

So we thought, how else can we help save our planet with every period?

We took a deeper dive at the problem our planet faces. And let’s face it - as much as we can try to reduce our consumption, sometimes we need to purchase items, whether it’s gifting season or you just really needed a new item of clothing. We wanted to remove the guilt that lingers in the air around the topic of sustainable swaps and shopping. By raising awareness for how much fabric gets produced every year around the world, and an astounding amount that gets thrown in landfill, contributing to waste, we wanted to make the conversation one that brought hope, rather than creating an additional air of worry or guilt.

So we bought second hand fabric that would have otherwise gone to fast fashion or landfill and repurposed it. 

And that’s how our Repurpose Collection was born. 

By repurposing fast fashion offcuts and transforming them into reusable, purposeful period pants that will last you 2+ years, you’re not only a part of the WUKA family who help save the planet with every period, but you’re wearing a statement. 

On every pair of WUKA Repurpose, our fabric-saving message is heat-press printed onto the left hip so that you can feel proud of them. It’s time we started celebrating our wins. With the message printed on the outside, we’re reminding you that 

  1. You shouldn’t feel like you have to hide the fact you’re on your period - let’s break that stigma!
  2. You’re saving the planet with every period in your WUKAs - celebate that!
  3. Wearing the beautiful Repurpose Collection is a statement in itself. Not just for breaking down the taboo of feeling like you can announce (whether that’s quietly or not) you are on your period, but that you’re also saving fabrics that would have otherwise gone to waste. 
  4. Period pants CAN be beautiful and comfy. 


Repurpose Collection

We made three styles. The choice is yours which one you’d like. We say, have all three! The more the merrier. 

There’s French Cut Bikini. 

Talk about figure-flattering and figure-flaunting all in one! Who doesn’t love a HiCut leg where your legs feel free but there’s enough coverage and it sits like a high-waist but follows the natural curve where your hips are. 

Designed to absorb 15ml of blood (2-4 tampons’ worth) in medium flow, this is one for any day during your cycle. Made from Repurposed fabric (recycled nylon) with a super soft seamless feel and mesh waistband detailing, the Repurpose French Cut Bikini is outstandingly comfy and sleek. 

WUKA French Cut Bikiin


There’s Brazilian Thong. 

The midway between a Midi Brief and Basics Thong. Highlighting your natural curves and carving the perfect silhouette. The perfect non-VPL partner for any occasion.

Designed to absorb 7ml of blood or light leaks (1 tampon worth). 

WUKA Brazillian thong



There’s High Waist. 

Designed with comfort in mind, the High Waist is a crowd favourite. Hugging you in all the right places to enhance your natural curves whilst providing the ultimate coverage, Repurpose High Waist is made to provide all day or all night support.

Designed to absorb 20ml of blood (up to 4 tampons’ worth).


WUKA Repurpose High Waist