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WUKA 2021 Wrapped

Our wonderful WUKA year

As we enter the closing chapters of the year, we tend to get reflective and want to see our ‘wrapped’ events, apps, and usage. We may not be able to show you your WUKA year wrapped like Spotify can, but our WUKA Wrapped goes the extra mile by showing you how your choice to swap to WUKA isn’t just a fantastic personal choice for your period, but for the planet. So let’s get straight into it!

We started 2021 by introducing WUKA Seamless. The first ever period pants made from Recycled Nylon and are part of the Perform Collection. So many of you have said that it’s given you the confidence to exercise on your period because of its seamless, no VPL fit. “I forget I’m on when I’m exercising” - music to our ears!




In March, we set a goal to save 1 million disposables during Earth Hour. With your help, together, we sadved 1,453,000 disposables from filling our landfill and oceans. A truly monumental moment. 


In April, we purchased fabric that would have otherwise gone to waste from our neighbouring factory. And we turned them into 22,000 pairs of period pants. Otherwise known to you all as our Earth Day Pants - a crowd favourite. It was the first time we introduced period pants made from fabric we would not normally use. Together, we saved that factory. 





May came round quickly. We celebrated World Menstrual Health Day with individuals including Dani Harmer, Samantha Renke, and others with our #inmyWUKA campaign. Focused around breaking taboos and opening up the conversation around periods, we brought together our #inmyWUKA campaign faces from all walks of life to come together and stand proud.




June was an important month for small businesses all round the world. We ran our #betterthanPrime campaign to show how impactful as a collective we can be for small businesses. And kicked off July with a brand new addition to our flows: Super Heavy! Holding up to 60ml blood, which is equivalent to 12 tampons worth. We made this for those who work long shifts, or have very heavy periods and want to feel extra secure throughout the day or night.

During PCOS Awareness Month, we partnered with Harnaam Kaur to raise awareness.


We’ve been fortunate enough to work with some incredible talent this year, and we are so excited for what’s in store for 2022. To end the Summer season, we ran a campaign to support the research at Women In Sport with our #Summer21 campaign. We challenged you all to participate in 21 seconds or 21 reps of any exercise, no matter where on your cycle you’re at, to encourage women to stay active even on their periods.


wuka wrapped 2021

As we entered the colder months, we released our Carbon Footprint analysis report. And we became the first period pants in the world to be fully Carbon Neutral+ certified during the week of Cop26. WUKA wearers are planet-savers with every bleed - how amazing is that?!

We also ran a survey on period sex. A topic we know can raise discomfort, but we believe is all down to personal preference. And it’s a conversation we want to create a safe platform and space to openly discuss such topics. We launched our first ever lace collection; WUKA Lingerie, alongside the survey and discovered some interesting facts! It was an absolute hit - you all LOVED the lace detailing, and our partnership with Zizi Factory. A tasty and taboo-breaking waffle shop in London that makes waffles in the shapes of a penis and vulva. So we brought period pleasure waffles to the store to celebrate both the launch and to open up that discussion in a light and fun way! 



And we extended our size range across other styles already existing, ranging from 2XS - 6XL. WUKA Ceo and Co-Founder, Ruby Raut, won the Entrepreneur of Women of the Future Award too. 

As we all begin to wrap ourselves up in cosy blankets and our Wearable fluffy hot water bottle in front of a huge screen with festive films on, we wanted to say the biggest thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We can’t help but smile as we reflect on 2021. We couldn’t have done it without you. We’re so glad you’re a part of the WUKA family, and we cannot wait to welcome more. Here’s to 2022!