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Why Period Pants are the Best Gift according to Glamour

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Ever thought about gifting a pair of period pants? It may not be the first thought that comes to mind. But after this, I bet you’re going to have a light bulb moment and feel smug that you’re going to be giving the gift of the year and will be setting a trend that never ends.

So why are period pants the most 'thoughtful gift your loved one will cherish forever'


Here's why: 

  1. It’s thoughtful.
  2. They last. For a long time. 
  3. They become an essential part of someone’s life, monthly. 

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It’s thoughtful 

You, your friend, sibling, or loved one is going to bleed for up to 10 years on their period. Imagine being able to simply put on a pair of WUKA period pants and just bleed into them, comfortably and confidently knowing you won’t leak - which is a common fear or concern when you’re out and about on your period. 

Gifting a pair of WUKAs isn’t far from buying a pair of knickers as a Christmas present. There’s just an extra layer of thought that goes behind receiving period pants. With a variety of styles available and flows, a pair of gifted WUKAs will have their own space in the underwear drawer. 

And to make things even better, they’re sustainable! Planet-saving periods are a thing. 


They last. For a long time.

Receiving gifts can be a hit or miss. But it’s always going to be a hit with WUKA. Why? Because they’re an item you use all-year-round, whenever you’re on your period. WUKAs will last for up to 2+ years and hold so much sentimental value. They can be with you on a date, sports match, first job interview, wedding day or a day where you just need that extra TLC.


They become an essential part of someone’s life, monthly. 

Quite literally. WUKAs will be your new period pal. And find a place in your heart, and underwear drawer too. 

Think about the last time you opened a gift, a wave of ‘Oh my gosh!’ and warmth filled your heart. Or think about the time you opened a gift and wished it was something you’d use. If you’re a WUKA wearer, you’ll know exactly how good it feels to have a pair. Now imagine your friend feeling that way too. Brings a smile to your face, doesn’t it? 

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Check out why Glamour thinks WUKA period pants are the most thoughtful gift your loved ones will cherish