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Why Did We Make WUKA Period Leggings?




They're here. Breathable, squat-proof, buttery-soft, and period-proof. The thing you’ve been waiting for.

*Drumroll please*

WUKA Perform Leggings. ✨


WUKA period leggings


Yes, period proof leggings. Designed to be the best workout partner you’ll ever have. We combined our period pants technology with premium activewear and created the ultimate hack to maximising your workouts and daily errands. 

The leggings themselves are made from recycled nylon with our Perform Seamless period pants stitched into these leggings, our leggings ensure a leakfree workout. 

We know exactly how it feels to want to train but worry about leaking onto your gym leggings, or even the equipment. And we also know that sometimes, you worry about your leggings showing that you’re on your period.

So we thought, let’s create a pair of leggings that ensures a no-VPL, leakfree and great session. 

How do they work?! 


If you own a pair of our Perform Seamless period pants, you now own 2! And your second pair come stitched into these buttery-soft, seamless and squat proof leggings. 

If you’re new to WUKA, picture this: 

A pair of seamless period pants that literally feel like second skin stitched into the leggings to give you that security you need when you’re on your period. The technology in our Seamless period pants offers full coverage at the back without the bulkiness with a super absorbent hi-tech gusset. With its smooth, no-VPL and great elasticity, these period pants will hug you in all the right places and sit seamlessly within the leggings that you’ll forget they’re even there. 


how do period leggings work



The leggings come in a medium flow, holding up to 2-3 tampons’ worth of blood (15ml). The perfect amount for your workout so once you’re done, it’s a simple case of hopping in the shower and changing clothes like you normally would. 

At WUKA, we’re all about encouraging you to keep doing the things you’d do on a daily basis even when you’re on your period because we believe nothing should hold you back!


These leggings aren’t just for the gym, they’re to lounge around in, run errands in, walk your dog in, or even go to work in them (if you’re allowed to wear whatever you want in the office!) and that’s the beauty of it. From the outside, they look like a regular pair of premium activewear leggings, but on the inside, they’re your period’s best friend and will keep you feeling secure and comfortable whilst you wear them.