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What is Galentine's Day?

The best made-up holiday on the calendar for sure! Galentine's Day: a day dedicated to celebrating friendship. Though it's not an "official" holiday, it's certainly one we celebrate at WUKA.

We're going to share 5 ways to spend Galentine's, so keep reading!




Because it's all about celebrating your friends. We love the idea of Galentine's Day because it reminds us of when we first began our menstrual journey. 

We remember what it was like to be completely clueless and feeling utterly lost on our periods. And who was there for us when we tried our first period product (whether that was a tampon or pad, or someone showing us period pants for the first time)? Or explaining how long our cycles are, or what PMS is and how to deal with things like cramps, cravings and hormonal changes as we age. It was our friends, family and memorable strangers in bathrooms who lent us a spare period product when we started with no warning! 

Without them, we would've been bloody lost! (pardon the pun)

We asked some of our WUKA team for their best friendship and period memories, and many of them came back with first period stories, or moments during their menstrual journey where a friend or another person gave them top period tips that they carry with them to this day! One of our WUKA team members recalls being sat on the loo with about 6 other girls crouched over her explaining how to insert her first tampon at a pool party. It was a memory she laughed fondly over, and one she was grateful for. And how now, when she's sat with her friends over brunch, period pants come into conversation and they all bond over how life-changing and convenient it is. It's like being in a secret club that laughs over a shared journey and sharing tips and hacks to not dread your next cycle. 

Why is it called Galentine's Day, and who started it?


It was created by a fictional character, believe it or not! From the second season of the TV show, Parks and RecreationCreated by character Leslie, who gathers her gal pals for a brunch that's dedicated to celebrating their friendship with waffles, that is how Galentine's Day came to existence! 

"Every February 13, my lady friends and I leave our husbands and our boyfriends at home and we just come and kick it, breakfast style," Leslie says in the episode. It's a day about "Ladies celebrating ladies."

And that, WUKA wearers, is how Galentine's Day became a part of our calendars! 



Here's 5 ways to spend Galentine's the WUKA way!


There are so many things you can do. Brunch, shopping, slumber party, gift exchanges, etc. But we recommend sending your friends a WUKA hug. Gift a pair of WUKAs to your friends, or one of our wearable Hot Water Bottles - they'll be there for your friends for the rest of their menstrual journey and beyond. 

We see it as a day to look fondly over memories of beginning our menstrual journey, celebrating and cherishing all those who shared their period experiences, top tips, stories, and menstrual methods.

But here's 5 ways we recommend:

  1. Organise an at-home brunch party! Flip pancakes with your gal pals and enjoy them. 🥞

  2. Have a movie marathon day with your besties. Put on a Marvel marathon or run a series sprint - Gossip Girl is still a go-to. 🎬 🍿

  3. Go out shopping with your bestie and buy each other some flowers. 💐 🛍

  4. Get a manicure and pedicure! Treat each other. 💅🏻

  5. Arrange a games night with your gal - Monopoly, Cards Against Humanity, Uno, you name it. 🥂



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