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Thirteen Brands Fighting Against Ocean Waste

Save The PlanetIt's World Ocean Day, and once again and we're here to urge more people to make the switch to reusable period products. We've got one ocean, one climate and one future, so we must work together to protect it.

Did you know that here in the UK, we dispose of 4.6 million period products down the loo each year? These plastic-riddled tampons and pads (yes, really!) end up polluting our oceans and waterways and harming marine life. One pair of WUKAs will save up to 200 disposables from being discarded- that's why we need more people with periods to make the switch. But we can't make changes by ourselves. 

This year's theme is focusing on catalysing action with transformative collaboration, so we'd like to also showcase some other bands who are fighting alongside us. without further ado, here are thirteen brands fighting against ocean waste. 



Seep is a plastic-free cleaning tool brand on a mission to eliminate 1 billion plastic cleaning tools by 2030. Their award-winning sponge scourers replace the equivalent of three traditional plastic sponges and stop microplastics being released each time you clean. Check out Seep here

Beauty Kitchen

Beauty Kitchen
Beauty kitchen are plastic free and ocean friendly on formulation, and microplastic free too. Their packaging uses returnables through reposit- a collaborative, returnable scheme which enables customers to either recycle themselves, or return to Beauty Kitchen to be re-used. Their best selling skincare range, Seahorse Plankton, supports the ocean by preventing pollution and enhancing marine life. Check out Beauty Kitchen here. 

Fab Little Bag


Fab Little Bag's mission is to convert the 40% of women who habitually flush, tobin instead, saving the rivers and oceans from pollution of period products- most of which contain high levels of plastic. Check out Fab Little Bag here. 

Nature's Mineral

Nature's Minerals

Nature's mineral believe making sustainable products should be essential to all brands, and they work hard to make their products as durable and eco friendly as possible. Their bottles are made from aluminium, which are non rust so guaranteed last a lifetime. Check out Nature's Mineral here. 

The Glowcery

The Glowcery

Tired of the conventional skincare industry's reliance on heavy machinery, negative environmental impact, and chemical-laden products? The Glowcery provides the antidote. Their philosophy: low intervention, high potency skincare made with cold-pressed, minimally-processed ingredients. They do their part to protect the ocean by ensuring products are packaged in recyclable materials, including glass and aluminium, as well as offering product refills. Check out The Glowcery here.

Out of The Box Gifts

Out of the box

Out of the Box Gifts - purpose-led gifts, determined to show that we can treat each other without costing the earth. These are gifts that support other small, independent brands, and that don't cost the earth. Check out Out of the Box Gifts here.

Holy Lama

Holy Lama

Holy Lama Naturals has a deep commitment to sustainability and social responsibility. The brand have made a promise to help our planet thrive- by being a climate positive workforce, planting trees monthly and working towards becoming carbon neutral. Their products are natural and sustainable, originating from their factory in Kerala- one of the greenest places on earth. Check out Holy Lama here. 

It's Our Planet Too

It's our Planet Too

It's Our Planet Too are a children's eco brand and social enterprise. Their eco activity kits are all completely plastic free, designed to help children take action and save our environment. Check out It's Our Planet Too here. 



SNOAP is a revolutionary solid soap and solid shampoo dispenser invented to remove the 1.8 Billion single-use plastic bottles discarded in the UK every year from domestic hand, hair and body washing. SNOAP is making waves in tackling plastic and water pollution, and we love it! Check out Snoap here. 

Smalls Merino

Smalls Merino

Smalls is the go-to specialist for Merino wool clothing for all ages. A female-founded luxury brand, they offer 100% Merino Wool base layers & essentials for women & children. Beyond being incredibly soft, their Woolmark certified & ZQ Merino traceable products are eco-friendly. Check out Smalls Merino here. 

Loungers Clothing

Loungers Clothing Logo

Loungers are dedicated to their eco mission, refusing to use plastic buttons and opting instead for a natural material called Corozo. Sourced from the Tagua tree, Corozo is grown in carefully managed rainforests in Ecuador, and the harvest provides economic stability for the local population, reducing their need to cut down the forests to make a living. Plus, all their designs are named after endangered species to highlight their plight- most of which are marine. Check outLoungers Clothing here. 


Kind2 Logo

Each one of KIND2's solid Shampoo or Conditioner Bars replaces two plastic bottles, and is a kinder choice not only for the planet, but for your hair too. In the UK, we use ~500 million single use plastic bottles of shampoo every year, so their  bars are an easy, no compromise switch. Check out KIND2 here. 

The Good Pea Co.

the good pea logo

The Good Pea Co. is committed to sustainability and environmental responsibility. Their plant-based milks not only support a healthier lifestyle, but also contribute to reducing carbon footprint too. The hero ingredient? Yellow split peas- naturally nitrogen-fixing, which means they don't need any added nitrogen fertilisers to grow, which indirectly keeps our lakes and oceans cleaner. Check out The Good Pea Co. here. 



Hoopsy's goal is to provide sustainable healthcare products that help women, their partners, and the planet. On a mission to reduce the amount of plastic going into landfill from pregnancy tests, they know that every test sold here means one less plastic test thrown in the bin, or ending up as ocean waste. Check out hoopsy here.