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The Period Sleep Gap

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You may have heard of the gender pay gap, but what about the period sleep gap? About half the population experiences periods, and for many it impacts their sleep, but the subject is hardly spoken about. Read on to learn more about how and why menstruation impacts sleep quality for so many people. 

What is The Period Sleep Gap?

WUKA Overnight Period Pants

Did you know that people with periods lose about 5 months worth of sleep across their lifetimes just because of their periods? Periods can affect sleep for many reasons, including painful cramps, uncomfortable bloating, leaks and changing hormone levels causing temperature shifts. Staggeringly, 71% of females have poor sleep quality due to menstruation. This sleep loss caused by menstruation is the period sleep gap. At WUKA, we know that the period sleep gap has been ignored for too long and needs to be addressed. That’s why we designed WUKA Overnight Period Pants that are leak proof, secure and super soft - the key to a good night's sleep during your period. 

Heavy Flow, Irregular Periods, Painful Cramps and Sleep

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Certain conditions linked to menstruation such as Endometriosis, and Polycystic Ovary Syndrome can cause symptoms like painful cramps, heavy flow and/or irregular periods. Irregular and/or heavy periods are coupled with a higher chance of stress, depression and fatigue. These symptoms make it much more difficult to sleep, causing sleep deprivation, which can leave people caught in a vicious cycle of feeling utterly rubbish. For period cramps, we recommend using a WUKA Wearable Hot Water Bottle to soothe the pain. Also, sleeping in the fetal position helps to remove pressure from the abdominals - reducing period cramps.

The Effects Of Sleep Loss

The Effects Of Sleep Loss

Sleep is essential for our bodies to work as they should. Not catching enough zzz’s causes short and long term consequences. Sleep deprivation causes irritability, less empathy, lower patience, and slows thinking.

Also, when people lose sleep repeatedly, it builds up over time and increases risk of diseases including type 2 diabetes mellitus, cardiovascular disease, anxiety, depression and Alzheimer’s disease. This shows that it is super important to get enough sleep and that the period sleep gap needs to be tackled asap. 

Period Stigma and Shame 

Unfortunately, more than a third of women who menstruate are ashamed to discuss their period and how their sleep is impacted. This is caused by the period stigma and shame still present all around the world today. Learn more about period shaming and the debunking of myths here. This shame is a roadblock to those with periods, reaching out for support and help from others, including medical professionals. Nobody should me made to feel ashamed for having periods! If you are struggling with your period symptoms and/or having complications sleeping please contact a medical professional such as your local GP or Gynaecologist.  

Sleep better with WUKA Overnight Period Pants


WUKA Overnight Ultimate Period Pants

WUKA Overnight Period Pants have a fully protective layer that extends all the way to the back waistline. With 12 hour wear and an absorbency equivalent to 6 disposable pads, you can wear them all night long without worrying about leaks on the sheets - no matter how heavy your flow is.

WUKA Ultimate Overnight Period Pants are made from Tencel™ fabric that is 3.5 x softer than cotton, eco-friendly and carbon neutral. Also, they come in Midi Brief and High Waisted styles which have stylish mesh panels on the side, providing a comforting breathability.


WUKA Overnight Leopard Print High Waisted Period Pants

WUKA Leopard Print Overnight Period Pants are available in Bikini or High Waisted styles and are made from comfy cotton. The iconic leopard print style is one with a difference. Within the print are the affirmation words Powerful, Brave, Strong and Fearless - to remind you of your greatness.

All WUKA Period Pants only require you to simply, wear, wash and reuse. Put an end to period nightmares and check out the WUKA Overnight Period Pants collection here.  

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Can you sleep without a pad on your period? 

If you are on your period, it is best to sleep with a period product to absorb your flow. Using a disposable pad is not a good option as pads can move about whilst you sleep, causing leaks, constant readjusting and discomfort. Wear WUKA Overnight Period Pants for a leak-free night without the hassle. 

Why should I choose Overnight period pants over normal period pants?

WUKA Overnight Period Pants are designed specifically for sleeping on your period, even if you have a heavy flow. They provide the extra coverage, comfort and leakproof protection that you need at bedtime. You can wear them all night long without worrying about leaks on the sheets. 

Which period pants style is suitable to wear at night? 

WUKA provides period pants in many different flow and style options - if you have periods there is definitely something for you. The best period pants to wear for sleep, especially if you have a heavy period, are WUKA Overnight Period Pants as they absorb the equivalent of 6 disposable pads and have a super absorbent gusset that extends all the way to the back.

How to sleep comfortably on periods? 

To sleep comfortably on your period, you should wear leakproof protection, that doesn't need readjusting and is comfortable, like WUKA Overnight Period Pants. Also to soothe period pain, we recommend applying heat to your tummy using a WUKA Wearable Hot Water Bottle and sleeping in the fetal position which takes pressure off of your abdominal muscles.

Does WUKA Overnight have full coverage at the back and sides?

Yes. There is a wide super absorbent layer that goes all the way to the back protecting you from leaks even when you are laying down or moving around in your sleep. 

How to sleep on your period to prevent leaking? 

With WUKA Overnight, you can sleep easy knowing that you are fully protected from leaks. There is no need to sleep in certain positions or readjust.

Does your period affect sleeping? 

Periods can have a huge impact on your sleep.. A way to improve sleep quality during your period is wearing WUKA Overnight Period Pants as they offer leakproof full coverage whilst providing comfort. 

What are comfortable positions to sleep in on your period?

When wearing WUKA Overnight Period Pants, you are protected from leaks no matter the position you sleep in. Sleeping in the fetal position can help to take pressure off of your abdominal muscles, helping to relieve period cramps. 

How to sleep when you have a heavy period?

WUKA Overnight Period Pants absorb the equivalent of 6 disposable pads. WUKA Overnight period pants are perfect for those with a heavy flow as they are leakproof and require only 1 pair a night - no more waking up in the middle of the night to switch period products.