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The Importance of Earth Hour

The Importance of Earth Hour

Join WUKA for Earth Hour. Switch off your lights and switch up to reusable period pants- prevent 3 million disposable products from polluting landfill and oceans. 

What is Earth Hour?

 Earth Hour happens once every year. It’s an annual ‘lights off’ campaign, aimed at encouraging us all to take just one hour from our lives to switch off for the planet. That means no lights, no TV, nothing. Just us, and the planet.

Earth Hour started way back in 2007, as a symbolic way for us to show our support for the fight against climate change, to raise awareness of the impact that we’ve been having on our planet.

This year, Earth Hour is aiming to make the campaign bigger, louder, and more forceful than ever before. We’re being urged to make this our Biggest Hour for Earth- to bring unity, and to remind us all that our planet, our shared home, needs help.

Why is Earth Hour Important? 

Fifteen years on form the very first Earth Hour, its more clear than ever that we’re in crisis. We’re running out of time. We have just seven years to smash past the 1.5ºC temperature increase limit set out in the Paris Climate Agreement. Just seven years to halt the inevitable and irreversible damage that this temperature increase will bring. Just seven years to override the damage awaiting nature.

Earth Hour is important to us all, to the future of our planet and the future of our children- and their children after them. We need to take action now, and we need to make this one single hour count. 

    How are WUKA supporting Earth Hour?

    The Importance of Earth Hour

    This Earth Hour, we’re on a mission to encourage more people to switch off the lights, and make the switch from plastic-riddled disposables to reusable period pants.

    This year, we have set ourselves a goal of saving 3 million disposable pads and tampons from landfill and our oceans during this one hour alone! To achieve this ambitious goal, we’re offering 50% off Ultimate, 40% off Perform and 30% off Basics Period Pants for one hour only - 3 pairs maximum per customer - to enable more people to try WUKA and positively impact their carbon footprint.

    One hour. 50% off. Once a year. Make the switch.

    Read more about our Earth Hour promotion here.

    Why make the switch to reusable period pants?

    Everyday in the UK we flush/ bin approximately 4.3million pads, tampons and pantyliners. This equals to 175K tampons and pads being flushed every hour.

    With 15 million menstruating people currently in the UK alone, making the switch could have a massive impact, for the planet:

    • Just one pair of period pants can save 200 tampons from landfill or ocean. 
    • We could reverse the 8.9kg of carbon emissions that a year’s worth of tampons and pads produces per person. 
    • We could save the lives of up to one million seabirds, sea mammals, marine turtles and countless fish that are killed each year thanks to plastic waste, added to by the flushing of tampons and pads. 
    • We could stop the 13,440 plastic-based menstrual products being sent to landfill each year, instead releasing 129 pairs of biodegradable pants to to the earth. 

    And for you:

    • You’ll have a more comfortable period, guaranteed. 
    • You’ll protect your body from harmful chemicals and PFAs.
    • You’ll save more than 50% on menstrual products in the two year lifespan of period pants.
    • You never need be caught out again, or run out of period protection. WUKA are always in your drawer, ready to support you- even on your heavy flow days.

    We want to make having a sustainable period accessible to all. We can reduce our carbon footprint. We can end the damage our period products are wreaking on the planet. We can cut the cost of our period.

    WUKA's mission to reduce plastic waste for Earth Hour

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    What is the purpose of Earth Hour?

    The aim of Earth Hour is to raise awareness of the crisis we’re all facing due to the damage that has been done to our planet. It’s a chance for us all to switch off for just one hour and to reflect on the ways that we can join together to make amends. It’s a powerful movement that has helped to bring forth some critical global commitments to tackle climate change. We need to take action now, to save the deteriorating nature of our planet, and the future of our children.

    How do you participate in Earth Hour?

    It’s so easy to take part. Just switch off your lights at 8.30pm on Saturday 25th March. Take that one hour to reflect, to educate yourself on climate change, or to get out there and inspire others to take action too. Or, just spend that hour peacefully at home, knowing that just turning off your lights is making a huge difference.

    Here at WUKA we’re encouraging more menstruation people to make the switch to period pants, to save over 200,000 tampons and pads being sent to landfill and ocean each year. Save the date- 50% off WUKA for one hour only. Time to switch. 

    When does Earth Hour take place?

    Earth Hour is taking place at 8.30pm Saturday 25th March 2023. It is always held towards the end of March, so make sure you follow on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to stay in the loop.