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Eco-Friendly Secet Santa Gifts

Sustainable Secret Santa Gift Ideas | WUKA

Not sure what to buy for your Secret Santa this year? Discover the best Secret Santa gifts for eco-friendly friends this festive season!

Sustainable Secret Santa Gifting

According to the Bank of England, our spending habits change drastically around Christmas. We’re splashing out around £740 more in the run up to the big day, on things that we don’t usually buy- namely, Christmas gifts.

UK comparison site, Finder, reports that on average, around 21 million people receive at least one unwanted Christmas gift each year- with 13 million of them simply being thrown away.

And sadly, although Secret Santa is a fantastic way to spread the cost over the festive season, it seems that the presents we buy anonymously are more likely to end up in landfill. 

That’s where sustainable Secret Santa comes in! Here are seven amazing secret Santa gifts that you can find right here at WUKA - guaranteed to escape the unwanted pile this year.

WUKA period pants

Top of our list? Of course, WUKA period pants - the ultimate in Secret Santa gifts for those friends who are passionate about making this Christmas a little more green than usual.

Gifting period pants might not have been your first thought when you picked your friend’s name out of the hat this year, but it might just be the unique and thoughtful gift idea you were looking for! 

Let’s face it, your friend is going to have her period for at least 40 years during her lifetime- and gifting just one pair of period pants can save 200 single-use, plastic-riddled disposables from either being flushed down the loo polluting the ocean, or dumped into landfill. Win win!

Period pants are sustainable, so they are great for green-minded friends. They’re also practical and  useful - so won’t end up unused in a drawer, or worse - in landfill by Boxing Day.

WUKA Cycle Sets

Our cycle sets are a great option for Christmas. Choose from the WUKA Basics Thong & Hipster Bundle, WUKA Ultimate Midi Brief BundleWUKA Postpartum Comfort Bundle and more!

WUKA Cycle Sets are available in 3 or 5 packs - perfect for someone who is completely new to period pants and needs a set to get them started.


WUKA Flex period pants are pretty special, and great if you’re not too sure on what size period pants to buy. 

The Flex Bikini comes with clever detachable hooks that allow for easy changing on the go (sitting down or standing up!) and handy little sliders that allows each pair to adjust by up to 4 sizes. No guesswork required!

WUKA Stretch

The new kid on the block, WUKA Stretch are another great sustainable gift option when it comes to nailing your Secret Santa this year! They’re the world’s first full brief, seamless, multi-size period pants featuring our patented stretch technology. 

These little beauties are eco-friendly - made from super-soft Microfibre for maximum coverage and leak-free confidence, and they come with a free laundry bag worth £4.99 too, so there's no need to wrap - just pop them inside the bag and you’re good to go!

WUKA washbag & wet bag

Want to throw a little something extra in with your Secret Santa gift, or picked a friend who already knows and loves period pants? Maybe you’ve got a budget to stick to and you’re looking for gifts under £10? We’ve got you covered.

Our WUKA wash bag is a nifty little bag exclusively handmade in Nepal, made from a woven fabric called Dhaka. Each purchase of these gorgeous little bags helps support local women in Nepal, so your gift can spread the love even further this Christmas!

The WUKA wet bag or two pocket wet bag also make great Secret Santa gifts - both are ideal for changing on the go with no mess, no fuss and no stress.

WUKA Everyday Bralette

The WUKA bralette is a really lovely gift idea for Christmas too - it’s been a best seller since it launched as part of our accessories collection, with amazing reviews that speak for themselves:

“I kid you not, this is the most comfortable bra I own!”

“Super recommend to everyone… Boob changing!”

High praise indeed!

And because the bralette has no wires, its super comfy and makes a perfect training bra for younger girls too. Check out our guide to Christmas gifts for teens for more ideas.

WUKA Leggings  

Got a friend who literally lives in her leggings? We don’t blame her, and we’ve got the best gift for her too! 

Our WUKA period leggings are part of our Perform Range, perfect for eco-conscious fitness fans this Christmas. Made from recycled polyester, they’re lightweight, seamless and guarantee a leak-free workout. Perfect for yoga, running, strength training - or just chilling!

WUKA Wearable Hot Water Bottle

What better way to show you care this Christmas, than with a big, warm hug - when you really need it most. The WUKA Wearable Hot Water Bottle is a perfect gift this Christmas - especially as the weather turns colder!

This isn’t just your standard water bottle either. This one is wearable, so when period cramps have you doubled over, you can strap it on and it stays in place. It also has a handy pocket to store your phone - clever, huh! 

The water bottle is made using natural rubber and comes with a MegaCozy fleece cover that’s just perfect for snuggling up to. 

WUKA gift card

Know you want to gift sustainable, but not sure what to go for? Gift cards are perfect and available from just £10.

The WUKA gift card is the ultimate way to gift an awesomely comfortable period to someone you love! What better way to say you care about the environment, their health and their wellbeing?

Wrapping up your Secret Santa guide

This Christmas, we all need to make it our mission to reduce waste - and it starts right now, with you. Gift sustainably, gift thoughtfully and gift intentionally. No more novelty toys that make people smile for only a few minutes; choose gifts that will protect our planet instead - and don’t forget to wrap responsibly too! 

Wildlife and Countryside Link report that every year we dispose of around 114,000 tonnes of plastic packaging, 88 square km of wrapping paper and 300,000 tonnes of card packaging at Christmas.

Instead of plastic-filled wrapping paper, decorate the compostable bags your WUKA order arrives in. Be creative! Or, pop your period pants inside a reusable WUKA gift bag instead. Say no to plastic, no to waste and no to gifts that do not belong in a truly sustainable future.


What styles are available in the Cycle Sets?

Some WUKA styles are available to buy as a cycle set, in packs of either 3 or 5. Cycle sets save you money too. 

How long do WUKA period pants last?

Cared for properly, WUKA period pants will last for up to two years.

What is the WUKA Flex collection made from?

WUKA Flex Bikini & WUKA Flex Logo are made from premium organic cotton.

What is the WUKA Stretch collection made from?

WUKA Stretch are made from super-soft Microfibre, a super soft and elasticated material that offers you maximum comfort and leak-free coverage.

How do I care for the WUKA wash bags?

All WUKA wash bags can be washed by hand or on a normal machine cycle at 30- 40 degrees. Air dry only.  

What is the WUKA Bralette made from?

The bralette is made from Tencel Modal, which is made from responsibly-sourced wood pulp from carefully managed beech tree forests to ensure sustainability and ethical production.

What are the WUKA leggings made from?

WUKA leggings are made from recycled polyester with integrated Perform Seamless period pants, with the power to absorb your period flow and help you stay active on your period. Suitable for a medium period flow.

How big is the WUKA hot water bottle?

The WUKA water bottle measures 77cm.

How do I use the water bottle?

Please refer to our hot water bottle care and safety guide.