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Recognise period pants as a menstrual product so that they can be taxed fairly

At WUKA we have been fighting a long battle with HMRC since the day we launch in the UK because when we were looking for VAT for a menstrual product, period pants was not even in the list.

But we never gave up and after two appeals, we got a response that the only way the VAT will change for period pants is through ministerial consent. So this May 28th, 2020 on menstrual hygiene day we applied for a UK petition to present our case in front of minister and government.  After a month and 23 days, our application got reviewed and is now live. 

Here is why we are fighting this battle. 

Currently, all disposable menstrual product is taxed at 5%. UK government announced in March that this will be reduced to 0% in Jan 2020. 

Currently, WUKA period pants are taxed at 20% and possibly if not appealed be 20% in Jan 2020. 

We think this is totally unfair. How come customers who are trying to live a sustainable life have to pay more. How come people who want a healthier lifestyle have to pay more. 

This VAT appeal is for our customers, we want more people to try WUKA period pants at a reasonable price.


But in order for all our customer to benefit from a tax reduction, we need your help. We are on a mission to collect 100,000 signatures so that period pants tax can be debated in the Parliament

In return, us at WUKA we pledge:

  • We will reduce our recommend price down to reflect the VAT reduction.
  • Reduction in VAT means more people can afford to switch to reusable
  • if you are buying WUKA now at £20, you will be able to get is for £16 that's a huge difference.


Please sign our petition so that period pants are more accessible and affordable to everyone in the UK.