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Period Pants for Frontline NHS Workers

We are raising money to ensure our frontline NHS staff get much needed menstrual products so they don't have to worry about basic supplies. 


       Free Period Pants to NHS

We have been contacted by doctors, nurses and other staff over the last week asking for more support as part of the emergency #freshenup and #fuelup kits going out to NHS staff

We have worked with our factory in China, who is keen to help our UK health workers, to design and manufacture a low cost period pants to supply to NHS workers.

+ Each underwear will cost just £5 each shipped to the NHS (and we will take no profit).

+ They last 8-12 hours and absorbs up to 3 tampons of flow.

+ They are washable so a pack of 5 will mean an NHS frontline worker will not need another menstrual product for another 2 years.

Our first goal is to raise £10,000, which will provide 2000 underwear - which we have already started producing - so they will be ready to distribute within 2 weeks. 

We can keep producing underwear, so keep donating past £10,000 and we will raise the goal to be transparent as we see if we can produce more batches.
Thank you for your time and generosity.

Period Pants with Lace

Here is you can help us fund the cause