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Our Hot Water Bottle has had a Glow Up!

Our Water Bottle has had a Glow Up!

We’re in full-on festive mode here at WUKA, and to celebrate, we’ve just launched a cosy new look for our best selling super cosy, long hot water bottle! With a seasonal stripy knit, we think you’ll agree our cosy hot water bottle perfectly embraces the magic of Christmas- it's tailor-made for snuggly moments! 

Cosy up against period cramps this Christmas 

We all know that a hot water bottle can be the best first-line defence against period cramps, and we designed our eco-friendly version extra long (77cm to be exact!) so it fits snugly around your tummy and back, providing comfort and warmth exactly where you need it. 

And if you're shopping for teens this Christmas, we just know they'll love this too. Menstrual cramps can be intense at this age, and periods can be erratic too. Why not treat them to a warm and cosy Christmas gift you know they'll use again and again?

With rave reviews from customers, our hot water bottle is guaranteed to make the perfect addition to yours (or your teen's!) winter essentials- quite possibly the BEST Christmas present for a loved one… if you can bear to give it away, that is!

Stay snuggled up and keep the bills down

We get it. Times are tough but the weather’s cold. But before you turn the heating up (again!), why not save money and reach for our super cute hot water bottle instead? Working from home? Pop it under your desk and keep your feet warm. Snuggling up with a book? Tuck it under your jumper and settle in for the evening.

Here are five more reasons why our long hot water bottle should be top of your must-have Christmas gift idea list this winter:

Ease the stresses of the day

Christmas can be a stressful time for many. Not only are you most likely rushing around shopping for Christmas presents for others, but there’s also work and other stressors than can impact your mental health too. When was the last time you took a moment to just sit and relax? 

Do it now. Fill your hot water bottler and snuggle up for a moment. The gentle warmth will help to improve blood circulation, allow muscles to relax and shoulders to unclench. Magic!

Ease digestive issues

We know that hot water bottles are amazing for period cramps, but really they’re great for any kind of tummy ache too. Holding a hot water bottle against your tummy can, again,  help to improve circulation and encourage the production of hydrochloric acid in the stomach. This in turn helps to aid digestion.

Improve sleep

There’s nothing worse than feeling tired but unable to sleep! A hot water bottle can help to relax the body (and mind) and since we know it also helps to alleviate stress along with aches and pains, we know it can only help with sleep issues too. Is there anything better than cuddling up with something warm in bed?!

Stay cosy during travels

Heading out on your travels this Christmas? Don’t leave home without your water bottle! Tuck it under your jumper and stay warm and relaxed, no matter how stressful the journey. 

Keep winter bugs at bay

This one surprised us too, but it makes perfect sense. Staying warm can work wonders for your immune system, which in turn can help to protect you against coughs and colds. It’s all to do with body temperature- if yours drops, colds and other viruses are more likely to thrive and multiply, leaving you vulnerable to illness. If ever we heard a good excuse for snuggling up, this has to be it! 

Feeling the love for our hot water bottle

Our hot water bottle has had a glow up

Our original hot water bottle has been voted BEST hot water bottle for period cramps by Glamour Magazine, best long hot water bottle by The Sun ("a dream for those uncomfortable, crampy times of the month, and is the ideal companion to soothe sore tummies and backs.") and was named in Red Magazine's round up of Best long hot water bottles to keep you warm and help with aches and pains. 

The reviews from our customers are pretty awesome too:

“This hot water bottle is such a game changer! It’s difficult to imagine that a hot water bottle can be comfortable, but this one is! And sooo useful, you can wear it while cooking, while taking a nap, it’s great for lower back pain. I love it!” Paulina 
"This hot water bottle is a life saver. It helps with bloat and discomfort, just tie it on wherever you need it to be. Highly recommend, amazing concept well executed." A

Shop the water bottle now- available with new limited edition festive stripy knit cover, or traditional black fleece cover with ties.