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Now That's What I Call WUKA 2023!

We can hardly believe that yet another year is about to draw to a close! But before we say goodbye to 2023 and welcome another exciting year, we thought we’d take a look back on all that we’ve achieved in just 12 months.

Teen stretch period pants

New Teen Stretch™️ period pants - now a best-seller!

First up, our Teen Stretch™️ launch- a HUGE success, and it’s all down to you! So many of you supported our world first multi-size period pants for girls and teens, and loads of you are constantly in touch to tell us what a game changer they’ve been.

WUKA x Nadiya Hussain MBE for International Women’s Day 

Our partnership with Nadiya, to help eradicate period poverty was another huge success for us this year. We went live this with for International Women’s Day, in a bid to encapsulate this year’s theme of period equity.

our partnership with Nadiya Hussain for IWD

Our exclusive collection was designed to promote inclusion, diversity and unity, and during the first week of this launch, we donated a pair for a pair- one pair of WUKA Basics to Choose Love, a charity close to our hearts here at WUKA .

Following this partnership, we’re determined more than ever to help create a world where there is no period poverty, and where nothing holds girls and women back, no matter where they are in their cycle!

Official Period Partners of the UK’s best sports clubs

It’s so important to keep girls in sport- did you know that by the age of 13, girls are way less active than boys, with only 8% meeting the recommended 60 minutes of physical activity per day? 39% of girls said that their period held them back.

partnering with sports clubs

Partnering with sports clubs such as the Women's Welsh Rugby Union, Watford FC and Scottish Gymnastics helps us to get the word out there that girls can play sport- even while on their period. We’re proud of the work we’ve done to help more female athletes perform their best while staying comfy and leak-free!

Earth Hour: 3M disposable saved from landfill in one hour - a PB!

earth hour 2023

We told you we wanted to go bigger and better this year for Earth Hour, and you guys really didn’t disappoint. We urged you all to switch off your lights and switch up to reusable period pants, to prevent 3 million disposable products from polluting landfill and oceans. 

To achieve this, we offered a huge 50% off loads of our period pants, in a bid to encourage more people to make the switch… and we did it! In just one hour, we smashed our goal and supported more girls and women on their reusable journey!

One of the highest scoring B Corp certified period brands 

It took two long years of hard work and dedication, but in 2023 we achieved B Corp certification! We’re so bloody proud of this achievement. A B Corp brand is a business that has proven they meet the very high standards set out in each of the five impact areas: governance, workers, community, environment and customers. 

we're B Corp certified

As our CEO and founder, Ruby, said:

“This certification is more than a logo- it is a recognition of the role WUKA plays in leading a global movement for an inclusive, equitable, and regenerative economy. We are proud to have scored an impressive score of 111.5 points which in B Corp™ terms is a bloody high score (the minimum to pass is 80)! 

 Our taboo-busting brand has always put people and planet at its core, but being recognised in this way by such a global movement is another win for our female-founded, fiercely independent brand.”

new swim colours

Colourful NEW swimwear for teens and adults

Summer 2023 saw the launch of long-awaited new colours in our period proof swimwear range- and you guys LOVED it. You can now get high waisted alongside our bikini brief bottoms, plus full swimsuits in four gorgeous new colours: tennis green, deep pink, purple and blue. We also launched a new scoop back style swimsuit too- and all swimwear is available for teens too. Perfect for a wild swim this winter!

Tackling incontinence with NEW DryTech™️

Did you know that in the UK, around 1 in 3 women will experience bladder weakness in their lifetimes? Whether it’s through sports, pregnancy, childbirth or a natural part of ageing- it can happen to us all, but we realised that nobody was really talking about it. And there was nothing out there to help manage it sustainably either.

DryTech incon launch

Enter our DryTech™️ incontinence pants! A world first with multi-size stretch technology, our pants are designed with anti-leak edging, Polygiene OdourCrunch™ Technology and Polygiene StayFresh™ Technology- providing you with not just leak-proof protection, but a fresh and worry-free experience too. 

For pregnancy, postpartum, menopause (we also gained our M tick certification from GenM in 2023, by the way- plus we were named Breakthrough partner in the Gen M awards!) and everything else in between- if you experience light leaks, we've got you.

First Ever TV & Billboard Campaigns were Award Winning!

We’ve got about this year- with our first ever TV ad, and our huge billboard campaign in Westfield shopping centre!

our iconic shower scene from our first TV ad

Our TV ad certainly sparked a lot of debate as we decided we weren’t going to shy away from what a period really looks like. Lots of you supported our now iconic shower scene though -after all, period blood has never been blue!

Our Desi Period Stories campaign was a really lovely

our Desi wedding campaign

project to work on- another taboo busting campaign designed to support South Asian communities, but really the message is for us all: we need to talk about periods. The first one, the last one, and all the others in between. Campaigns like this are highly important if we want to normalise the conversation. 

We Created The Worlds First Period Christmas Cracker

Trees and stockings all over the country are to be adored with our first ever Christmas cracker, filled with reusable period pants! We’ve been so excited to see your photos and vides, and as ever your support on this really fun launch has been amazing. 

Let’s put an end to plastic-riddled, single-use Christmas crackers for good!

Last but not least..We Axed Period Pant Tax!

We had to save the best for last. Because this year, after two failed petitions and over 6 years of campaigning, the government finally agreed to cut the tax on period pants

we axed the period pants tax

Honestly, the feeling in the WUKA office on that day is indescribable. We have pushed and pushed and PUSHED for this. We’ve been knocked back and disappointed so many times, But FINALLY the VAT is to be scrapped. We will ring in the new year with 20% cheaper period pants- HOORAY!

Nobody has fought harder for this than Ruby, and her reaction when the news hit sums it all up. She may have done a little dance, shed a little tear, but then she took herself off to parliament to celebrate in style! The team handed out WUKA Christmas crackers and a great time was had by all.

What a fantastic way to end our round-up. We cannot wait to see what 2024 has in store for us- and we truly hope you’ll join us for the ride!