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Nadiya x WUKA - Joining Forces to Tackle Period Poverty

Nadiya x WUKA - Joining Forces to Tackle Period Poverty

This International Women’s Day, we’ve teamed up with Nadiya Hussain MBE, television chef and Great British Bake Off winner, to bring you an amazing and exclusive period underwear collection- the Nadiya Hussain x WUKA IWD 2023. 

Read on to find out more about the collection and how we’re joining forces to Wake Up, Kick Ass and tackle period poverty!

Introducing Nadiya x WUKA: the exclusive collection 

Here at WUKA, we’re no strangers to challenging stereotypes, busting myths and tackling taboos head on. Our mission has always been to empower everyone who bleeds, and in that we stand united with Nadiya Hussain: #KickAssWomenUnite!

Our IWD collection perfectly encapsulates the theme for this year’s International Women’s Day: equity. Because while we strive for equality for girls and women, it’s time we all realised that equality alone is just not enough. We want equity, too. 

We want inclusion, diversity and unity. We want a world where bias, discrimination and stereotypes are challenged and destroyed. And we want to see an end to period poverty, so that nothing holds women back- no matter where they are in their cycle. 

Plus, when you shop the collection during the first week after launch (7- 14th March 2023), we’re donating a pair for a pair- one pair of WUKA Basics period pants to Choose Love, for every purchase from the collection. Support our mission to end period poverty by choosing any product from the collection today. 

Why we’ve joined forces with Nadiya

Nadiya Hussain is a women on a mission, and we like that mission. Never afraid to break down barriers and to challenge stereotypes, she’s used her platform since winning GBBO to empower women, to inspire generations and to fight for what she believes in.

Nadiya x WUKA - periods should not be a luxury, so for every order placed through this collection we're going to give a pair of our Basics period pants to Choose Love

Nadiya is a true inspiration to so many women, and a powerful role model for many. She perfectly personifies WUKA’s message that nothing should hold women back- partnering with her is an incredible opportunity to shout about our shared mission: to de-stigmatise cultural taboos and to champion equity.

This partnership will help to expose the many challenges the menstruating population faces every day, while supporting Choose Love- and amplifying the Wake Up Kick Ass Mindset that WUKA and Nadiya share.

What is period poverty?

Everyone deserves access to clean and safe sanitary products, but sadly this just isn’t the case. Even here n the UK we see girls and women missing out on education, work and other events due to their period, and lack of sufficient period products, Globally, we see girls and women excluded from society, forced to improvise when period products aren’t available, putting their health at risk and living in shame- all because they bleed. 

But we won’t end period poverty if we stay silent.

Why Choose Love?

Choose Love, a charity we’ve worked with closely here at WUKA, supports refugees, migrants and displaced people with essential life supplies. 

Nadiya says,

“As a Bangladeshi woman, a mother to a girl, and an advocate for gender equity, I fully support the crucial work WUKA is doing to address the issue of period poverty. 

“I feel privileged to partner with a brand that really cares, to support WUKA in its mission to drive awareness of the issues the menstruating population faces today, whilst also helping Choose Love distribute much needed period supplies."

So why Choose Love? 

Because when it comes to the refugee and stateless populations around the world, 50% of them are women and girls. And these women and girls are finding themselves in unsanitary situations, facing danger every day and with limited or no access to basic human rights such as food and running water. Now imagine facing all of that whilst on your period, and with no period products to manage it safely. 

Nadiya's favourite period pants for: perfect for my kids - WUKA Teen Stretch Seamless

That’s why we support Choose Love. Because we want to live in a world where period products are available to all. 

Shop Nadiya x WUKA IWD Collection

Together, WUKA and Nadiya invite you to celebrate IWD, demand equity and tackle period poverty, with our exclusive collection supporting Choose Love. Shop the collection and we’ll donate a pair to help end period poverty.

Nadiya x WUKA - Joining Forces to Tackle Period Poverty