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More than just sexy - WUKA Leopard Print

Machine learning analysed 3.5 million books to find that adjectives ascribed to women tend to describe physical appearance, whereas words that refer to behaviour go to men. 

Sexy, Gorgeous and Beautiful are the most used words to describe women in literature in the last 100 years, in contrast men are described as Brave & Righteous.

Still now we find that people more often describe women with external adjectives, such as beautiful. You have beautiful smile, or you look gorgeous, than internal adjectives such as bravery. 

Listening, reading and watching these adjectives at work in media and literature from early age really shapes how we grow and live our life thus perpetuating a cycle of gender stereotypes and prejudices. This is the literature taught in schools, read every day, so it’s time we write down our future.

With our first WUKA print collection, we want to expand these adjectives. Women are not only Beautiful but Brave, Powerful, Strong and Fearless, so we have wrapped these words around our power print as a small reminder for who we are each day and to commit to print a more empowered aura for women everywhere.

Our empower words entwined with a leopard print which symbolises strength, agility, stealth, elusiveness, perception, self-reliance, authenticity, and rare beauty. All of which is we women embody.

Fearless is the new Sexy.
Strong is the new Beautiful.
Powerful is the new Gorgeous.
Brave is the new Pretty

Along with emphasising to expand the vocabulary, with our new print, we are working with our new charity partner Kujuwa Initiative to helps girls in Africa stay at school. You can read all about WUKA X Kujuwa Initiates here.

From the very early onset of the any product launch or campaign, we believe that every campaign must have a purpose. For example every product launch we support a charity or a cause. 

When we launched Seamless underwear, made from recycled nylon, we donated 1% to Surfers AgainstSewage. Last year when we launched Super Heavy we worked with EndoUk to raise awareness around endometriosis and share many people's stories within our platform. 

We know you love connecting and empowering women and girls around the world and WUKA is proud to play a small part in making these connections.