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Gift Guide for Mums

Gift Guide for Mums
Celebrate that special mum in your life, and make sure she gets what she wants under the tree this Christmas! We’re talking thoughtful, meaningful and practical. Sure, flowers are nice but they don’t last long! Check out our curated collection of gifts designed to support new mums through the journey- with everything from hospital bag essentials to pregnancy and postpartum must-haves to support their changing bodies. Make mum feel appreciated this festive season!

Gifts for Mums to Be

 We all need a little me-time now and then, and when you’re a new mum this is never more true. Being in charge of a brand new human being is no mean feat, and- as the saying goes- you can’t pour from an empty cup. Get her a gift that will help her to relax and unwind!

WUKA QuickDry Hair Wrap

It might not be as regular as pre-baby, but when she finally gets time to wash her hair, this one is a must-have. Made with a fast drying material that feels buttery soft and super lightweight, our QuickDry hair wrap is practical yet effortlessly chic, with it’s signature power print design. 

Our hair wrap honestly makes a huge difference in hair drying time, cuts down on the need for a noisy hairdryer (the last thing you need when you’ve just got the baby to sleep!) and can even be worn while sleeping. Now that’s a gift every new mum want this Christmas: a little extra sleeping time!

Secured in place with a handy button loop fastening, the hair wrap is suitable for all hair types and lengths. Shop now for just £14.

WUKA Hot Water Bottle Limited Edition Stripes

Our best selling wearable hot water bottle  has had a Christmas glow up and we’re here for it. It’s limed edition, and super cute- an ideal gift for new mums this festive season. 

wuka hot water bottle knit

Stuck under a sleeping baby? The water bottle will keep you warm so you don’t don’t need to disturb their slumber. Experiencing tummy cramps post-birth? The water bottle will help ease the pain and soothe you when you need it most. 

Made with natural rubber and covered in a super cosy knitted cover, the WUKA water bottle is a practical and thoughtful gift this Christmas. Shop now for £24.99. 

Gifts for new mums

Something you want, something you need… and the gifts are a need for any new mum. Let’s face it,  nobody wants their gift to end up on the discarded pile by Boxing Day, yet every single year we end up throwing away huge amounts of unwanted gifts. This year, let’s put an end to that. Let’s treat our new mums to things they actually need!

DryTech™ pants for light leaks

News flash. Urine leaks during pregnancy and post-birth are a normal thing. In fact, lots of new mums report suffering with light leaks and dribbles thanks to growing pressure on their bladder as baby grows, or due to temporary bruising during labour and delivery. Let’s end the stigma, and give the gift of a practical- and stylish- solution for new mums. 

WUKA DryTech™ pants are designed to look and feel like normal underwear, but with a secret weapon (our super absorbent gusset!) enabling them to absorb up to 50ml urine without feeling wet or heavy. Featuring our innovative Stretch™ technology, one pair fits up to 4 sizes- guaranteeing a perfect fit even as her body shape changes throughout pregnancy and postpartum. 

Available in two styles (midi brief or high waist) and in three colours (black, light nude and coral pink), our DryTech™ pants are an ideal gift for any new mum fed up of constantly changing underwear or cringing when she coughs… shop now for £21.99.

Gift Guide for Mums


Postpartum Comfort Set

Since postpartum bleeding (lochia) can last for up to 6 weeks post birth, this one is a no-brainer really. Seriously, nobody enjoys wearing those huge, plastic-riddled maternity pads that adorn the supermarket shelves. Not only are they uncomfortable to wear, but they’re single-use and contributing towards the hugely damaging amount of menstrual waste piling up in the UK.

Our Postpartum Comfort Set is designed to help new mums navigate their post-birth bleed with comfort and ease. Made with high quality Tencel, which is three times softer than cotton, the pants are perfect for those early days after baby’s born.

They’re washable, reusable and super practical. Shop our Postpartum Comfort set for £91.

Everyday Bralette

Whether she’s breastfeeding or not, pregnancy can take it out on her boobs- and during the postpartum stage she’s likely to see changes to her breasts continue. Keep her comfy and supported with our Everyday Bralette. No wire, just comfort- and right when she needs it most.

Our bralette is unpadded to help support the breasts gently when they’re swollen or sore, and made from eco-friendly Tencel™ Modal so it’s sustainable, three times softer than cotton and cooling too.

With a super flattering cross over style, our bralette is kind her, and kind to the planet. Shop now for £25.

Gifts for mums of toddlers

The life of a toddler mum is a busy one, but the truth is that periods don’t wait around either! This year, give her a gift that tells her you’re thinking of her, a gift that truly keeps on giving month after month. Gift ethical, sustainable and thoughtful Christmas presents with a difference!

Stretch™ Period pants

Gift Guide for Mums

Her period’s back, but her per-baby body isn’t- and that’s totally normal. Our Stretch™ period pants are an ideal gift this festive season, because not only will they help her out during her cycle (no more rushing to the loo with a tampon and an inquisitive toddler in tow!), but they’re guaranteed to fit every body shape too.

Made with our patented Stretch™ technology, each pair expands to fit up to four sizes- so we’re taking the guesswork out of gifting, and giving her gentle second-skin support when she really needs it too. 

Retaining their stretch to mould to her changing body shape, our Stretch™ period pants are available in two styles (Midi Brief and High Waist) and two colours (light nude and black) and can be gifted in one of our limited edition festive crackers- perfect to pop under the tree this Christmas! Shop now from £22.

Ultimate Lace™ period pants

Gift Guide for Mums

We love our kids, but we all need time out from being mum now and then. Our Ultimate Lace™ period pants are perfect for any toddler mum who craves a little luxury in life- even when on her period!

Made using GOTs certified organic cotton and available for both heavy and medium flow, our Lace period pants are functional yet sensual. Who says you can’t feel sexy on your period?! 

Our most beautiful style of underwear for comfort, style and sustainable sensuality! Shop now for £23.99.

Period Leggings

Forget the usual ‘mum uniform’ leggings, our Period Leggings are more than a little bit special, and a fantastic gift for any toddler mum busy juggling life with her child and working out at the gym.

Gift Guide for Mums

Made with a pair of our best selling Perform period pants stitched right in there, our Period Leggings make any quick session easy and convenient, even if it has to be squeezed in at the last minute or during nap time!

They’re squat proof, they’re supportive and they’re stylish. And yes, they’re absorbent enough to hold up to 3 tampons worth of blood!

Ideal for any toddler mum who wants to get back to her routine- whether it’s a run with the pram, a HIIT session at the gym or a home workout at nap time! Shop now for £49.99. 

Period Swimwear

Baby and toddler swimming lessons aren’t cheap, but swimming is an essential life skill no parent wants their child to miss out on. So this year, give her a gift that helps her stay consistent with the lessons, and confident in the water.

Our period proof swimwear is a fantastic choice for any toddler mum with their own little water babies! Made with a highly absorbent gusset to absorb period flow, with this under the tree there’s no need for tampons or for missed lessons either.

Choose from either bikini briefs to wear under her normal costume, or full swimsuit- both with protection against leaks when she needs it most! Shop now from £21.99.

Gifts for mums of teens

Parenting a teen is a whole other story, and one that comes with it’s own set of challenges. It’s a time where emotions are high and the journey together can be tough. After all, for many families mum’s going through perimenopause at the exact same time as her kids are going through puberty… eek!

Let’s help make these transitions a little easier this festive season, with eco-friendly and thoughtful gifts designed to make the road a little less bumpy.

Everyday collection

Gift Guide for Mums

Perimenopausal hot flushes are no fun, but our Everyday Collection was designed to help- all thanks to Tencel™ Modal.

With it’s unique natural cooling properties, this sustainable material is three times is softer than cotton and will help to keep her feeling cool and comfortable- even when temperatures are rising!

Perfect to pop under the tree this Christmas- shop now from £15.

DryTech™ pants for bladder weakness

If light leaks and dribbles are getting her down, don’t shy away from it this Christmas. Give her a gift that truly means something, and one that will help her out all year round. 

Our DryTech™ incontinence pants are a world-first- they’re multi-size, so fit up to four sizes in one pair, retaining their stretch to mould gently to any changing body shape. They’re also highly absorbent, holding up to 50ml of urine.

Give her the confidence she needs to tackle this new stage of her life. Shop now from £22.99. 

Heavy Flow period pants 

Gift Guide for Mums

Periods can be erratic during the perimenopause stage, and heavy bleeding can be tricky to manage with pads and tampons alone. Enter WUKA Heavy Flow period pants!

We will always shout loud and proud about how amazing a gift period pants make, but for busy mums with teens at home and everything else that life throws at them, we truly believe they’re an essential! Being able to manage a heavy flow at work or at home, without constant trips to the loo to change pads or tampons can be truly life changing. 

Give her confidence and leak-proof protection this Christmas- shop our Heavy Flow collection now, from £18.