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👗 From Sari rags to Wuka Wear,  where our story begins 📖 

I was born and brought up in beautiful Nepal 🇳🇵 where, upon turning 12, I saw a different side to my culture. Nachune, the Nepali name for period literally translates as 👋🏼 'untouchable', which is what women are told they are when they start to bleed.


I also had to practise (the dreaded) Chaupaddi for my first period.
What's Chaupaddi you ask? 

It's a social tradition in Nepal for women, which prohibits them from participating in normal family activities during menstruation, as they are considered untouchable 🚫.

It's different in each region so I didn't go and live in the cow shed like some do, but was sent to my aunt's house where I stayed for a week. I was not allowed to go out in the sun 🕶, not to look at men🕴👀, not to touch any plants 🌳 (which would die if i touched them of course).

I had my own bowl 🍜and cup 🍵 which I ate and drank from as I was 'dirty'. Thinking of it now, it makes me cross, like a deep scar that itches now and again. 

My sister and I used to use my mum's old saree as reusable menstrual pads which on the plus side, was eco friendly and cheap, but on the negative side i always used to worry it would fall down when 🏃🏽‍♀️running! 

I've since grown up, a bit, gained a 🔬science degree and a love of ✈️ travel. My aim with WUKA Wear 🔴 is to bring science and design together to make menstruation hassle free and little bit luxurious.

Do share our story and our mission to help us grow and flourish to reach as many women as we can. 🙋🏽Thanks for your support, it means a huge amount to me and the team!