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Everything you need to know about the WUKA Stretch™️ Thong

New drop alert! We just launched another world-first: the Stretch™️ Thong! It’s the latest addition to our best selling Stretch™️ collection, and trust us when we tell you, you’re going to LOVE it. Here’s everything you need to know about the brand NEW Stretch™️ Thong!

What is the Stretch™️ Thong?

It’s not just a thong. It’s the answer to all the reasons you either stopped wearing thongs, or just put up with uncomfy undies.

It’s the world’s first multi-size thong, using Stretch™️ technology to gently adjust to your unique shape, fitting up to 4 sizes in one pair. That means not only can we guarantee you a perfect fit every time (in a thong!) but we’ll extend that guarantee to the days where you’re feeling super bloated too. If you know, you know. 

The Stretch™️ Thong has other pretty cool features you need to know about too:

Invisi-Fit: that means no VPL, making it perfect for tight fitting clothes. Your workout gear just got an upgrade.

CoolMax™️ technology: keeps you dry and odour free- whether you’re on your period, you’re leaking pee, or your discharge is super heavy.

Maximum coverage: because we hear you. The Stretch™️ Thong covers ALL your bits, with a smooth and seamless finish. A thong you’ll actually want to wear!

Why we created the Stretch™️ Thong

Thongs haven’t always enjoyed the best press over the years. So why did we create the Stretch™️ Thong, and what makes it different from all the rest?

Comfort. Thongs are often regarded as uncomfortable, especially if the sizing isn’t quite right. We’re not sure what’s worse- a too-small thong that digs in and gives you a wedgie, or a too-big thong that slides around irritating your backside!

New Stretch™️ Thong is the solution. We use innovative Stretch™️ technology that allows the thong to stretch up to 4 sizes in one pair- guaranteeing a perfect fit every time. Even when bloated. And because you get a perfect fit, the thong stays in place, it doesn’t dig in and it feels like a second skin. Dreamy!

VPL. A seamless finish is a huge selling point of any thong, and that’s something we’ve nailed with the Stretch™️ Thong. Because were not just talking seamless at the back, we’re talking seamless all over, thanks again to the Stretch™️ technology. Because this thong stretches to mould to your unique shape, there’s no digging in and no VPL. 

Leakproof. Let’s get real. Sometimes we need a little protection against leaks, whether they’re period-related or not. With a larger gusset than other thongs, the Stretch™️ Thong has got you covered for period, pee, sweat and discharge.  

Coverage. One of the biggest reasons why thongs fall out of favour? They don’t actually cover your bits! The ity-bitsy style is thought to be for younger women only. In fact, in a US poll, it was found that only 3% of women aged over 50 chose to wear a thong, with 86% saying they never wear them. Ever.

That’s why we designed the Stretch™️ Thong with maximum coverage.We’ve got a larger than normal gusset- not only for more absorption, but for coverage too. This thong certainly will cover your bits- pubes and all! 

So for all of you out there who think your thong wearing days are firmly behind you… dare we say, we disagree?

Can you wear the Stretch™️ Thong on your period?

The Stretch™️ Thong can be worn all month long throughout your cycle, and that includes during your period too. In fact, this thong will absorb a light to medium flow, meaning you can wear one 7 days a week if you want to. No strings or wings needed. 

Can you wear the Stretch™️ Thong to the gym?

The Stretch™️ Thong was literally made for the gym!

Want a sleek silhouette under the leggings? We’ve got you. No VPL, remember.

Want to wick away the sweat, avoid damp patches down there and stay fresh and odour-free? We’ve got you. CoolMax™️ technology means whatever leaks might occur are wicked away without leaving wetness, you stay free from odours and the risk of irritations or infections are low. Clever, huh?

Want to feel free to find your flow while you exercise? No problem. Stretch™️ technology helps this thong to move with you, not against you. You won’t even know it’s there.

New Stretch™️ Thong is available in two sizes: size 1 (XS- L) and size 2: (L-4XL) and in two colourways- black and light nude.  

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