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We are Gen M Winners!

It’s Menopause Awareness Month, and what better time for us to announce that we’ve won the Breakthrough Partner award at the second annual GenM awards! Recognised for our ‘game changing menopause initiative’, we’re thrilled to stand alongside other brands such as Boots, QVC, Next and Holland & Barrett as part of the amazing GenM collective.
We are Gen M Winners! 

Who are Gen M?

Founded by Heather Jackson and Sam Simister, GenM is on a mission to make the menopause journey better for all. The GenM collective is a group of brands who are aligned with this mission, bringing menopause friendly products to the people who need them, at a time when it really matters. 

We are Gen M Winners!

There are currently 15.5 million women in the UK on their menopause journey, and this vital audience of consumers and employees needs support. Ground-breaking research from GenM’s Invisibility Report highlights that 87% of menopausal women feel overlooked by brands and a huge 90% wish brands would do more to support the menopause. 

"We have been blown away with how WUKA has hit the ground running since joining the GenM Collective. WUKA has demonstrated their commitment to driving change for women across all stages of menstrual life, including peri and menopause. The brand has shown game-changing potential, with a real appetite for collaborating with the rest of the GenM Collective to drive purposeful change and support for women. We’re proud to be partnered with WUKA – a bold voice for women.”- Sam, Gen M

How are WUKA helping those on their menopause journey?

If you know one thing about us, it’s that we like to smash taboos. And just as we’ve helped millions of girls and women to navigate their period safely and with dignity, we intend to help you manage your last period too.  

We are Gen M Winners!

How are we doing this? This year we launched our world first multi-size DryTech™ icontinence pants, designed to help women with menopause related urinary incontinence. Alongside this launch, we also unveiled our #NeverDiscreet campaign, calling on incumbent brands to remove the word ‘discreet’ from their packaging. Our aim with this campaign is to reduce stigma and shame and to improve health outcomes for menopausal women. If you haven’t already, please sign our petition here.

"To date, we have helped half a million women experience a more leak-proof, sustainable period, many of whom have journeyed into perimenopause and menopause - confident and comfortable in their WUKA. Our mission is to empower everyone to kick ass - especially in mid life so we are delighted to join the GenM Collective and be recognised as “breakthrough partner” winners at their annual awards for the work we have been doing to smash taboos and provide the menopause community with our eco-friendly products.” - Ruby, WUKA CEO.

We are Gen M Winners!

What it means to be named Gen M’s Breakthrough Partner

The Breakthrough Partner award is given to the GenM partner who shows stand-out promise and potential in their commitment to Generation Menopause. Its given to brands who are new to the collective, but are able to demonstrate the positive impact they’ll make for the menopause. 

Here's what WUKA's Global Brand Director, Priya, had to say on accepting the award:

"The menopause is an important life stage. Here at WUKA, we are thrilled to be recipients of this incredible award. We now feel that we are recognised by an incredible partner in this space and we also have the support of other partners within the collective to be able to amplify our work in helping our menopausal customers." 

Watch us accepting the award here.

Shop our menopause friendly products  

Explore our menopause-friendly collections made with innovative garment technology and most sustainable, kind-to-skin materials. 

To help with hot flushes

Hot flushes are one of the 48 symptoms, and can affect up to 8 in 10 women. Our Everyday collection is perfect if you’re one of those 8 in 10- made from cooling Tencel™ Modal, which is three times softer than cotton, breathable and features unique temperature regulating properties. 

We also have our Everyday Bralette, which is perfect if you’re suffering from sore, achey boobs too. 

New WUKA DryTech™ incontinence pants are an ideal solution if you suffer from light leaks and dribbles- just wear like normal underwear, wash and re-use.

To help with bladder weakness

Our innovative DryTech™ pants are an ideal solution for anyone experiencing light leaks due to bladder weakness. Theyr’e multi-size, super stretchy and super soft. Available in midi brief style or high waist, just wear them like normal pants, then wash and re-use.

Choose from light nude, black or coral pink

To help with changing body shape

Like our DryTech™ pants, our Stretch™ period pants are multi-size, so one pair fits up to four sizes. So if menopausal bloating has your jeans feeling a little tighter than usual, we’ve got you. 

These pants are also available in midi brief or high waist, for medium or heavy flow, in either light nude or black.

To help with heavy periods

During perimenopause, periods can be irregular, and sometimes more heavy than usual too. Shop our range of heavy flow and super heavy flow period pants, to keep you dry and leak free during this unpredictable time. 

We are Gen M Winners!

To help with loss of confidence

Think back to puberty, when your first period was approaching and your body was changing. It can be a really unsettling time, and it doesn’t always get much easier as you get older and begin to approach menopause either. If you’re suffering with a loss of self confidence, know this: you are not alone.  

All the symptoms combined, along with physical changes and a drop in oestrogen, can cause self esteem and confidence to take a nose dive, but there’s no reason why your period should make you feel any worse. Our Lace collection was made for you. Wear them if you think your period’s on the way, or wear them while you actively bleed- for instant confidence in our leak-proof design, and confidence in knowing you look amazing too!

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