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Why we Launched New WUKA Stretch™ Cotton

Why we launched New WUKA Stretch™ Cotton period pants

Excitement abounds here at WUKA as we proudly announce the launch of our brand new Stretch™ Cotton period pants!

Here’s what you need to know about what’s new, and why you should be cottoning on to a new realm of period comfort!

So, what’s new?

To date, we’ve helped over half a million women and girls to make the switch to reusable period products, so its safe to say we know what your needs are. We’ve listened to what you actually want, and we know that managing your period isn’t always easy. 

30% of you suffer with a range of PMS symptoms each month¹- including bloatingcramps, irritability, and skin sensitivity. And in the UK, one in three women suffer with vaginal dryness² too, particularly during menopause. Other conditions such as Bacterial Vaginosis³ (affecting one in ten women) and thrush (affecting three-quarters of women, with 1.2 million experiencing recurrence⁴) are also common. And these vaginal infections are potentially made worse by single-use period products, thanks to the lack of breathability of synthetic materials.

Historically, we may have been expected to ‘put up and shut up’, but we at WUKA think it’s time that changed. It’s time to take back control over our own vaginal health and wellbeing. It’s time to switch to Stretch™ Cotton period pants!

3 reasons why you need Stretch™ Cotton

why we launched cotton stretch period pantsTo reduce the risk of vaginal infections, irritations and rashes that traditional sanitary pads can cause. Stretch™ Cotton period pants are breathable and chemical-free, providing ultimate comfort when you need it most.

To provide comfort for both period bloating and perimenopausal bloating- 70% of women experience bloating  during their menstrual cycle, but our Stretch™ technology means that these pants will always gently support you, and adjust to your body throughout your period.

To reduce clothing waste. Did you know that 40% of clothes bought online are returned due to sizing issues? We’re solving that problem with our multi-size Stretch™ Cotton pants, ensuring you get your perfect size every single time. We’re reducing the hassle for you, and damage to the planet too. 

Why is Cotton kind to skin?

We use BCI certified cotton. This is cotton which is grown using practises that promote sustainability and ethical textile production. This makes Stretch™ Cotton kind to the planet, whilst being kind to your skin at the same time. 

And there are SO many benefits to using cotton underwear- throughout your entire cycle, and not just while you’re on your period.

Cotton is breathable. As a natural fabric, cotton allows air to circulate, and helps why we launched stretch™ cotton period pantsto keep the genital area cool and dry. Bacteria thrives in warm, moist conditions, which cotton prevents from occurring. Cotton is often recommend by gynaecologists and other health experts as the best fabric to choose for this very reason.

Cotton is absorbent. This means it also draws sweat away from the body, helping to prevent excess moisture in the vaginal area- again reducing the risk of irritation, discomfort and infection. This also makes it the best option if you suffer with night sweats or hot flushes too- whether due to perimenopause or hormonal fluctuations throughout your cycle.

Cotton is hypoallergenic. If you suffer with sensitive skin or other medical issues that can result in rashes or irritations, the last place you need a flare up is down there. Cotton has natural hypoallergenic properties which means that it's super gentle on the skin, and helps to reduce the risk of irritation in the sensitive genital area. 

Cotton is super soft. In fact, we’d say it’s unmatched when it comes to comfort and softness. This means that Stretch™ Cotton pants will sit against your skin and simply move when you move, with no restrictions and no limitations. 

Who can use Stretch™ Cotton period pants?

Why we launched Stretch™ Cotton period pantsNew Stretch™ Cotton are inclusive and can be worn by all body shapes. They’re stretchy and seamless, and feature our innovative Stretch™ technology, meaning one pair fits four sizes- with no VPL!

They’re perfect for anyone with sensitive skin, especially if you’re experiencing hormonal imbalances or medical conditions that result in skin irritations or rashes. They help to reduce the risk of vaginal infections too, making it easier to care for your vaginal microbiome throughout your cycle. You can wear these pants for up to 12 hours with no wet feeling and no odours. And we made them with BCI certified cotton, so they’re super soft (like butter!) on your skin.

They’re great for those going through perimenopause- gently supporting you during bloating, absorbing a suddenly heavy flow and keeping you cool and dry during hot flushes.

And, of course, they’re sustainable- just one pair will replace 200 single-use pads and tampons, reducing the amount of menstrual waste that gets sent to landfill or flushed into our oceans.

New Stretch™ Cotton period pants are available to buy now, and with a free lavender scented bag with every order, while stocks last.  


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How do WUKA Period Pants work? 

Layers. Our many layers contribute to making sure you get a long lasting feeling of dryness and security, not having to worry about leakage, smell or infection. Every pair includes a super absorbent gusset which consists of many layers, the middle layers absorb and lock in the blood whilst working with the outer layer to ensure you stay dry through your day to day activities!

Period pants look and feel like your regular underwear but they are leak-proof, which means you don't have to wear a pad, a tampon or menstrual cup when you wear them during your period.

How do I wash and dry my period pants? 

After use, rinse with cold water until the water runs clear. This is best done immediately after removing. Pop your WUKA with similar, dark coloured garments and wash at 30-40ºc, inside out. Don't use fabric conditioners. Air dry your WUKA Period Pants outside on the line or indoors on an airer. Don't tumble dry it.

For the Heavy Flow and the Super Heavy Flow, we advise washing inside out and giving them an extra spin. As well as this, we recommend sticking on a warm radiator to ensure complete dryness. We always advise washing pants as cold as possible. This will prolong the lifespan of your pants and also keep the absorbency as high as possible. Refrain from drying in a dryer or on a radiator (if possible) and always dry inside out. We would not suggest leaving your WUKA pants to soak for a prolonged time, this can cause the material and bonding to wear and damage quicker.

What’s the difference between Stretch™ Cotton and regular Stretch period pants?

Like our regular Stretch™, new Stretch Cotton  period pants are multi-size, expanding up to four sizes in one pair for a second-skin fit (available for size XS-L and L-4XL). What makes them different is the fabric:

  • Stretch Cotton period pants are made using Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) cotton and feature innovative CoolMax technology for a comfy and secure fit, even on your heaviest days.  
  • BCI cotton is a sustainable material- it’s biodegradable and helps to reduce not only waste but the overall carbon footprint of your period. 
  • And just like our regular Stretch™ pants, Stretch Cotton are breathable, moisture-wicking and super comfy- with the added benefits of cotton, making them even softer on the skin and even more perfect for keeping infections at bay, thanks to natural hypoallergenic properties.


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